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Chemistry Photo Galleries

See the chemistry of the world around you... elements, crystals, molecules, gemstones, glassware, and more. This is a collection of photo and image galleries having to do with chemistry.

Photos of Chemists
This is a photo gallery of chemists doing chemistry. Many chemists may spend quite a lot of time at a desk or with a computer, but interacting with chemistry lab equipment often goes with the job.

Lichtenberg Figure
Lichtenberg Figure

Alchemy Symbols
See the alchemical symbols for the chemical elements.

Amino Acid Structures
These are the structures for the twenty natural amino acids, plus the general structure for an amino acid.

Bravais Crystal Lattices
There are 14 distinct Bravais crystal lattices. The lattices can be used to describe the geometrical symmetry of a crystal. The Bravais lattices are sometimes called space lattices.

Chemical Reactions
Chemical Reactions

Chemical Structures Archive
From your About.com Chemistry guide, these are all of the chemical structures used in features and facts on this website. Additional structures are available also.

Chemical Weapons
See the chemical structures of chemical weapons and warfare agents and learn a little about their uses.

Chemicals and Compounds - Photo Gallery
This photo gallery showcases a variety of chemicals and compounds so that you can see what they look like.

Chemistry Laboratory Glassware Gallery
Learn the names and uses of different types of chemistry laboratory glassware.

Crystal Photo Gallery
This is a collection of photographs of crystals. Some are crystals you can grow yourself. Others are representative pictures of crystals of elements and minerals.

Drug Paraphernalia
Would you know drug paraphernalia if you saw it? This is a collection of photos of drug paraphernalia.

Drug Photo Gallery
See the molecular structures of common drugs, including drugs of abuse. Photos of the drugs themselves are also included.

Dry Ice Projects
Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide. This is a collection of photographs of dry ice and science projects that involve dry ice.

Elements in the Human Body
Find out what elements are in the human body and what these elements do.

Fire & Flames Photo Gallery
Fire and flames are the visible result of combustion. Usually they consist of light and hot gases. Here's a look at some fire, flames, and pyrotechnics.

Fluorescence & Phosphorescence
Fluorescence and phosphorescence are both examples of photoluminescence. See examples of these phenomena.

Gemstone Photo Gallery
See photos of rough and cut gemstones and learn about the chemistry of the minerals.

Glow in the Dark Photo Gallery
Here's a collection of photos of materials that glow in the dark. Why do objects glow? It could be due to radioactive decay or a chemiluminescent reaction or any of a variety of other types of luminescence.

Green Sand Beach
Hawaii's Green Sand Beach is an unforgettable destination. Learn why the sand is green and how to get to the beach.

Hawaii Chemistry
Take a look at the Big Island of Hawaii from a chemistry perspective.

Hiddenite Gemes - Emerald Hollow Mine
The Emerald Hollow Mine in Hiddenite, NC is the only emerald mine in the United States open to the public for prospecting. I went to North Carolina to check the mine out for myself. Can you find emeralds? Yes! And rubies, sapphires, amethyst, citrine, the rare gemstone hiddenite, and much more.

Lab Equipment & Instruments
Find images of laboratory equipment and instruments, including glassware and antique items.

Lightning and Plasma Photo Gallery
This is a photo gallery of lightning and plasma pictures.

Liquid Elements Photo Gallery
Do you know what the pure elements look like in liquid form? Some elements, like mercury, you may have seen as a liquid because that is its usual state. Other liquid elements may be less familiar to you.

Metal Crystals Photo Gallery
Did you know metals could grow as crystals? Some of these crystals are exceedingly beautiful and some can be grown at home or in a standard chemistry lab. This is a collection of photos of metal crystals, with links to instructions for growing metal crystals.

Mineral Photo Gallery
Minerals are natural inorganic chemical compounds. These are photographs of minerals, along with a look at their chemical composition.

Nobel Prize in Chemistry
This is a collection of photographs of the winners for the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Nuclear Tests Photo Gallery
This photo gallery showcases nuclear tests including atmospheric nuclear tests and underground nuclear tests. Related photos are also included, such as of test site preparation and equipment.

Pictures of Famous Chemists
These are images of famous chemists or other scientists who made significant contributions to the field of chemistry.

Pictures of Women in Chemistry
See photos of women who made contributions to the field of chemistry.

Science Clipart
Collection of science clipart, including safety signs, lab equipment, experiments, and more.

Science Laboratory Safety Signs
This is a collection of safety signs and symbols commonly seen in a science laboratory, particularly a chemistry lab.

Science Pictures & Chemical Structures
Find pictures of molecules, lab equipment, safety signs, elements, and crystals.

Science Pictures
This is an image gallery of science photographs and images. Most of the images relate to chemistry, though there are many which apply to science in general or are specific to biology, physics, or medicine.

Science Projects Photo Gallery
The best part about science projects is actually doing them, but seeing them is pretty cool too. This is a photo gallery of science projects so you can see what to expect from projects. I've included links to instructions for doing these projects yourself or buying kits online.

Yellowstone Geochemistry Photo Gallery
Yellowstone National Park contains many fascinating and beautiful geothermal features. Learn about the geochemistry of the park and view the spectacular scenery resulting from the extraordinary geysers and hot springs.

Flasks and Beakers
View photos of flasks and beakers of various liquids.

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