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Element Photo Gallery

This is a collection of photographs of the chemical elements.


These images of the chemical elements are arranged in alphabetical order. I've collected them from various public domain sources, such as the USGS and user submissions to wikipedia. Certain elements are not represented here, like the exceedingly rare manmade radioactive elements, produced in quantities so small no one knows for sure how they look. If you have a photo of a pure element you would like to contribute to this gallery, you are welcome to submit it.
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This is a picture of pure actinium, which is a metal.ActiniumActinium is a radioactive silvery metal.ActiniumThis is a piece of pure aluminium metal, approximately 1 x 2 cm in size.AluminiumAluminum Metal (Penny to Show Scale)Aluminum
This is a piece of aluminum foil.Aluminum FoilThis is a disk of americium-241 viewed under a microscope.AmericiumAmericium is a lustrous silvery-white metal that slowly tarnishes in air.AmericiumAntimony is a silvery-white crystalline metal.Antimony
Argon is the current carrier in this discharge tube, while mercury is what produces the glow.ArgonThis is the glow of pure argon in a gas discharge tube.Argon GlowThis is a piece of argon ice.Argon IcePure arsenic is found in many forms, or allotropes, including yellow, black, and gray.Arsenic

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