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Periodic Properties and Trends

Learn about the trends in the periodic table which result from the periodic properties of the chemical elements. Get information about element groups.

What Is Periodicity on the Periodic Table?
Periodicity is one of the most fundamental aspects of the periodic table of the elements. Here is an explanation of what periodicity is and a look at the periodic properties.

Trends in the Periodic Table
Learn about the periodic properties or trends in the periodic table of the elements.

Groups of Elements - Periodic Table
Elements can be categorized according to their similar properties. Here's a periodic table that organizes the elements according to groups. Click an element symbol and learn about the group to which it belongs.

Learn about electronegativity, the trends of electronegativity for elements in the periodic table, and how electronegativity relates to chemical bonding.

Ionization Energy
Ionization energy is the energy required to remove an electron from an atom or ion in the gas state. Here's more information about what ionization energy is and what trends in ionization energy you can expect to see on the periodic table.

Periodic Table of the Elements
Click on an element's symbol to get facts about its discovery, word origin, isotopes, properties, uses, and sources.

Printable Periodic Table of the Elements
Download or print these periodic tables to help work chemistry problems or to predict properties of the elements.

Javascript Periodic Table of the Elements
This is an interactive javascript periodic table of the elements. Click on an symbol on the periodic table to get facts about the element.

Actinide Properties
The actinides share common properties, distinct from other rare earth elements.

Alkali Metal Properties
Learn about the common properties shared by the alkali metals.

Alkaline Earth Properties
The alkaline earths possess the properties shared by all metals, but they have characteristics common to their own group as well.

Halogen Properties
The halogens are a specific group of nonmetals with some distinctive properties.

Lanthanide Properties
Learn about the characteristics of the lanthanide series, one of the rare earth groups.

Metal Properties
Most of the chemical elements are metals of one variety or another. Learn about some of the properties common to this large element group.

Metalloid or Semimetal Properties
The metalloids or semimetals share some of the properties of metals and some of the properties of nonmentals.

Noble Gas Properties
Get information about the properties shared by the noble or inert gases.

Nonmetal Properties
Get information about the common characteristics of the nonmetals.

Rare Earth Properties
Learn about the common properties of the rare earths, which include the lanthanide and actinide series of elements.

Transition Metal Properties
Get facts about the transition elements.

Periodic Table Trends - Periodic Table Quiz
Do you understand the trends of periodic table periodicity? Here's a ten question multiple choice quiz you can take to test your knowledge.

Atomic Structure & Periodic Table Quiz
Test your understanding of atomic structure and the periodic table with this 10-question multiple choice quiz. Use the atomic structure and periodic table quiz to help yourself study for the AP chemistry exam or a first year college chemistry test.

Element Group Quiz
This ten question multiple choice chemistry quiz tests your ability to match the elements with their element groups in the periodic table.

Why are the Lanthanides and Actinides Separate on the Periodic Table?
The lanthanides and actinides are groups of elements separated from the rest of the periodic table. The reason for this placement has to do with the electron configurations of these elements.

What Element Has the Lowest Electronegativity Value?
This is the answer to which element has the lowest electronegativity, along with an explanation of what electronegativity is and its trend on the periodic table.

What Is the Most Electronegative Element?
Electronegativity is one measure of an element's ability to form chemical bonds. Here is a look at the most electronegative element and an explanation for why it has such high electronegativity.

What Is the Difference Between an Element Group and Period?
Groups and periods are two ways of categorizing elements on the periodic table. Here is how to tell them apart and how they related to periodic table trends.

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