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How to Learn Chemistry Online

How to Learn Chemistry Online


You can learn chemistry online rather than in a traditional classroom.

You can learn chemistry online rather than in a traditional classroom. First you need to determine what type of chemisty you want to learn and whether you wish to take an online course or learn from a website.

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It's possible to learn chemistry online, but you need to approach it a little differently than learning chemistry in a classroom because you won't have a teacher giving you lectures, reading assignments and problem sets. Here's how to learn chemistry online.

Ask Yourself: What Chemistry Do You Want to Learn?

First, identify what it is you want to learn. How to calculate pH? All about acids and bases? High school chemistry? Organic? If you try to learn everything that is encompassed by the general term "chemistry" you will have a hard time narrowing your options and focusing your studies.

Ask Yourself: Do You Need a Teacher?

If this answer to this question is "yes" then your best bet would be to take an online chemistry class. Online chemistry classes are set up much like traditional lectures, except the instructor is located somewhere else.

Ask Yourself: Free or Paid? For Credit or Yourself?

Do you need to take chemistry to satisfy a degree or graduation requirement? If so, expect to pay for your education. There are free lectures available online, too, but they may not satisfy requirements for schools or businesses.

Conduct an Online Search

Unless you already have an online class lined up, you will need to conduct an internet search to find a chemistry class. Go to a search engine (e.g., Google) and type in exactly what you are seeking. For example, if you are seeking to learn organic chemistry, try a search like, "learn organic chemistry" or "organic chemistry". Click on the links and see what you get.

Narrow Down Your Choices

There is no harm in learning from more than one website, but don't learn from so many different places that you lose your direction. Seek a site that offers the information you seek and is written by someone with respectable credentials.

You'll be able to gauge your progress if you use a site that offers online quizzes and summaries so that you can see how well you have mastered new chemistry concepts.

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