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Online Chemistry Courses

This is a collection of online chemistry courses. Courses include minicourses, webcast classes, self-paced courses, and other chemistry lectures.
  1. Free Online Chemistry Courses (13)

How to Learn Chemistry Online
It's possible to learn chemistry online, but you need to approach it a little differently than learning chemistry in a classroom because you won't have a teacher giving you lectures, reading assignments and problem sets. Here's how to learn chemistry online.

Teach Yourself Chemistry
You can teach yourself general chemistry with this step-by-step introduction to the basic concepts.

Chemistry Activities for Kids - Free e-Course
Are you ready for kid-friendly chemistry activities and games? Each newsletter features safe projects, games or quizzes, and links for additional learning. Learn about the elements, grow crystals, and more! When you sign up you'll get one newsletter a week until you've gotten them all.

Element of the Week E-Course
Learn about the elements! When you sign up you'll get one e-course newsletter a week until you've gotten them all. You'll get facts about the elements and related information about element uses and their impact on our lives.

How to Unsubscribe from a Newsletter or Change Your Address
It's quick and easy! If you e-mail me asking to change your e-mail address or to be unsubscribed from an About Chemistry newsletter or e-course, these are the instructions I'll give you.

Athabasca University - Chemistry Courses
Courses offered include general chemistry, biochemistry, environmental chemistry and organic chemistry. These classes have online study guides, but are traditional courses.

Free Online Chemistry Courses and Tutorials
This is a directory of free online chemistry courses. The course listings don't appear to be in any sort of order (alphabetical or topical), so keep scrolling to get a good overview of listings.

Israel Science & Technology Online Chemistry Courses
There are several online chemistry course offerings here. In addition to usual chemistry courses, there are continuing education and chemical engineering courses.

Model ChemLab
This is software used to create your own online (virtual) chemistry lab. Links are given for distance learning applications for homeschooling, high school, and college chemistry.

Pearson Education Online Chemistry Courses
At the time of this writing, Pearson offers online courses in biochemistry, chemistry & society, general chemistry, organic chemistry, and biological chemistry.

University of Oxford - Online Web Practicals and Courses
The University of Oxford offers several undergraduate and graduate chemistry courses and practicals via the Internet.

Hardest Chemistry Course
Chemistry courses aren't known for being easier, but some are more difficult than others. In your opinion, what is the hardest chemistry course? Why do you feel it is the hardest?

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