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Trinity Explosion

First Nuclear Test Photo Gallery


The Trinity explosion marked the first successful detonation of a nuclear device. This is a photo gallery of historic Trinity explosion images.

Trinity Facts and Figures

Test Site: Trinity Site, New Mexico, USA
Date: July 16, 1945
Type of Test: Atmospheric
Type of Device: Fission
Yield: 20 kilotons of TNT (84 TJ)
Fireball Dimensions: 600 feet wide (200 m)
Previous Test: None -- Trinity was the first test
Next Test: Operation Crossroads
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Trinity was part of the Manhattan Project.Trinity Explosion"Trinity" was the first nuclear test explosion.Trinity Nuclear ExplosionThis was the base camp for the Trinity test.Trinity Test BasecampThis is an aerial view of the crater produced by the Trinity test.Trinity Crater
This is a photo of two men in the Trinity crater at Ground Zero, following the explosion.Trinity Ground ZeroThis is a diagram of the radioactive fallout produced as a result of the Trinity test.Trinity Fallout DiagramTrinitite, also known as atomsite or Alamogordo glass, is the glass produced by the Trinity test.Trinitite or Alamogordo GlassThis is the Trinity Site Obelisk.Trinity Site Landmark
Oppenheimer and Groves at the Trinity test site.Oppenheimer at the Trinity Test

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