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Nuclear Chemistry

Learn about isotopes, radioactivity, nuclear reactions, and processes that involve the atomic nuclei.

What Is Radioactivity? What is Radiation?
Learn about natural and induced radioactivity and alpha, beta, and gamma radiation.

Nuclear Fission Versus Nuclear Fusion
Nuclear fission and nuclear fusion both are nuclear phenomena that release large amounts of energy, but they are different processes which yield different products. Learn what nuclear fission and nuclear fusion are and how you can tell them apart.

10 Radioactive Products
You are exposed to radioactivity every day, often from the foods you eat and the products you use. Here is a look at some common everyday products and foods that are radioactive.

Radioactivity Quiz
Test how well you understand radiation and radioactivity with this fun multiple choice trivia quiz.

How Are New Elements Discovered?
Find out if there are any elements left to be discovered and how they would be found.

Isotopes and Nuclear Symbols
These are examples of isotope and nuclear symbol problems, with links to other worked chemistry problems and homework help.

What Is a Neutron Bomb?
Learn what a neutron bomb is, how it works, and about a neutron bomb's strategic uses.

Nuclear Tests Photo Gallery
This photo gallery showcases nuclear tests including atmospheric nuclear tests and underground nuclear tests. Related photos are also included, such as of test site preparation and equipment.

Nuclear Fission Diagram
This is a simple diagram illustrating an example of nuclear fission of a uranium atom.

Nuclear Fusion Diagram
This is a diagram of the nuclear fusion reaction that occurs between deuterium and tritium.

10 Polonium Facts
Before Russian ex-spy Alexander Litvinenko was poisoned with polonium, few people had even heard of it. Here are ten facts about this interesting element.

Atomic Mass & Isotopic Abundance
These are examples of atomic mass and isotopic abundance calculations, with links to other worked chemistry problems and homework help.

Chemical, Physical, and Nuclear Changes Quiz
Do you understand the differences between the types of changes and the concepts associated with these reactions? Here's a ten question quiz you can take to test your knowledge.

Elements in the Sun
You probably know the sun consists mainly of hydrogen and helium. Can you name the other elements found in our closest star?

How Does Atomic Number Relate to Atomic Mass?
Higher atomic number doesn't imply higher atomic mass. At least not always! Sometimes one element of lower atomic number can have a higher atomic mass. Learn about the effect of isotopic ratios on atomic mass.

Ions, Isotopes, Atoms Quiz
If you're given the nuclear symbol for an element, can you identify how many protons and neutrons it has? If you see an ion symbol, do you know how many electrons are present? Here's your chance to test yourself.

Lanthanides and Actinides - The Rare Earths
Learn about the properties of the rare earth metals. This 3-part article includes an overview of the rare earths and separate sections for the lanthanide series and actinide series.

Marie Sklodowska Curie (1867–1934)
Marie Sklodowska Curie was a Polish-born French scientist. She won the Nobel Prize twice and was famous for her work on radioactivity.

MRI Reaction with Tattoos
Is a burning reaction between a tattoo and magnetic resonance imaging (an MRI) based in fact or is it an urban legend? Here's the answer!

Nuclear Reactions - Mass - Energy Relations
Learn how to calculate the energy change in a nuclear reaction, such as radioactive decay.

Radioactivity & Nuclear Reactions Quiz
This ten question multiple choice quiz tests your understanding of nucleonics. It covers alpha, beta, and gamma radiation, radioactive dating, fission and fusion.

Rate of Radioactive Decay
Work through an example chemistry problem on the rate of radioactive decay, a type of first order rate reaction.

Red Mercury - Thoughts and Speculation
William Yerkes offers insight into red mercury, a material purportedly implicated in fusion-device research.

Review of 'Adventures in the Atomic Age'
Nobel laureate Glenn Seaborg's autobiography relates the development of nuclear science and policy and science education. Seaborg takes the reader through his life, from his beginnings in a Michigan company town, to Berkeley and research on transuranium elements and university administration, to Chicago and the Manhattan Project, to Washington and nuclear policy.

Turning Lead into Gold
Learn about transmutation, the holy grail of alchemy. Can one chemical be changed into another? Is it worth the effort?

You may have heard about antimatter in the context of science fiction or particles accelerators, but antimatter is a part of the everyday world. Here is a look at what antimatter is and where you might find it.

Beta Decay Nuclear Reaction Example Problem
This example problem demonstrates how to write a nuclear reaction process involving beta decay.

Beta-+ Decay Nuclear Reaction Example Problem
This example problem demonstrates how to write a nuclear reaction process involving beta-+ decay.

Alpha Decay Nuclear Reaction Example
This example problem demonstrates how to write a nuclear reaction process involving alpha decay.

Half Life Example Problem
This example problem demonstrates how to use an isotope's half life to determine the amount of the isotope present after a period of time.

How to Survive an Atomic Bomb
It's possible to survive an atomic bomb, particularly if you take the proper action. Here are some tips on surviving an atomic bomb or nuclear attack.

Surviving a Nuclear Attack - How to Survive a Nuclear Attack
If you knew a nuclear attack was imminent, what would you do? Here's your chance to share helpful tips and advice that could save lives. If you're looking for tips on how to survive a nuclear attack read what others have to say.

Nuclear Energy - For or Against Nuclear Energy?
Nuclear power offers an impressive source of energy, yet its use is not without risk. Are you for or against nuclear power? What are your arguments in favor of it or against it use? Share your opinion or read what others have to say.

Atomic Testing - Support or Oppose Atomic Testing
Atomic testing is a controversial subject. Do you think the scientific knowledge and other information obtained from atomic testing outweighs the cost and environmental damage of a nuclear explosion? Here's your chance to share your opinion or read what others have to say about atomic tests.

Trinity Explosion
The Trinity explosion marked the first successful detonation of a nuclear device. This is a photo gallery of historic Trinity explosion images.

List of Radioactive Elements
This is a list or table of elements that are radioactive. This list has the element name, most stable isotope and half-life of most stable isotope.

How To Visit the Nevada Test Site
The Nevada Test Site is the location where the United States conducting atomic testing. Did you know you can visit the Nevada Test Site, now known as the Nevada National Security Site? Here is how to take the tour.

Electron Capture Nuclear Reaction Example
This example problem demonstrates how to write a nuclear reaction process involving electron capture.

How Radioactive Is Fiesta Ware?
Old Fiesta dinnerware was made using radioactive glazes. Here's a look at just how radioactive the dishes are today.

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