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Nomenclature & Naming Quizzes

This is a collection of chemistry nomenclature and naming quizzes and self-tests. Test your ability to name chemicals or to write the formulas for compounds based on their names.

Ionic Compounds Nomenclature Quiz
This multiple choice quiz covers ionic compound nomenclature. Test your ability to name ionic compounds and to write the formula of ionic compounds from their names.

Element Names Spelling Quiz
It's easy to understand how people get confused over the spelling of element names like sulfur, which the IUPAC changed from sulphur (a common spelling still used in some countries). Other element names are just harder to spell. Do you know them all?

Element Symbol Quiz
Can you match the chemical symbol to its element? Here's a ten-question quiz to test your knowledge.

Element Symbol Matching Quiz
Can you match the names of the elements to their corresponding symbols? Here's an easy quiz to test your skill, using 10 of the first 18 elements. Have fun!

Element Symbol Matching Quiz - Challenging
Here's a challenging matching quiz. I've selected elements and their symbols from across the periodic table, with an eye toward those often thought to be confusing.

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