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Learn about one of the basic units of chemistry, the mole. Get information about moles and see worked example problems calculating the number of moles in a chemical equation.

What Is a Mole and Why Are Moles Used?
No, we're not talking about the small burrowing mammal! Here's a look at a standard unit in chemistry and why it's used.

Molecules and Moles
Learn how molecules, moles, and Avogadro's number relate to each other. This is a good introduction to the study of compounds and stoichiometry.

Mole Day
Have you heard about Mole Day? Here's a look at what Mole Day is, when Mole Day is observed, and what you can do to celebrate Mole Day.

Virtual Chemistry Text: Molecules, Compounds, & Moles
Virtual Chemistry Text: Elements can form molecules and compounds, more complex forms of matter. Learn what molecules and compounds are and some of their properties.

Avogadro's Number
These are examples of calculations involving Avogradro's number, with links to other worked chemistry problems and homework help.

Gram to Mole Conversions
Here are worked examples problems for mole to gram or gram to mole conversions.

Mole Day Activities
Mole Day is a holiday invented as a way to foster interest in chemistry. Do you have any ideas of great ways to celebrate Mole Day? Share them here!

Molar Mass Example
You can calculate the molar mass or mass of one mole of an element or molecule if you know the formula for the substance and have a periodic table or table of atomic masses. Here are worked examples of molar mass calculations.

Molarity Example Problem
Here is an example of calculating concentration or molarity of a solution.

Mole - Gram Conversions
These are examples of mole-to-gram and gram-to-mole conversions, with links to other worked chemistry problems and homework help.

Mole Relations in Balanced Equations
These are worked chemistry problems showing how to calculate the number of moles of reactants or products in a balanced chemical equation.

How Much Water is a Mole of Water?
How much is a mole of water? A mole is a unit of measuring the quantity of anything. It is simple to calculate the weight and volume of a mole of water.

Why Is a Mole Called a Mole?
A mole is an important unit in chemistry. Do you know the mole got its name? Here is the answer to why a mole is called a mole.

Mole Chemistry Quiz
Test your knowledge about the mole with this fun multiple choice quiz.

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