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Learn Science

Introduction to Science


Science is such a broad topic that it is broken down into disciplines or branches based on the particular area of study. Learn about the different branches of science from these introductions. Then, get more detailed information about each science.

Introduction to Biology

Concord Grape Leaf
Keith Weller, USDA Agricultural Research Service

Biology is the science that deals with the study of life and how living organisms work. Biologists study all forms of life, from the smallest bacterium to the mighty blue whale. Biology looks at the characteristics of life and how life changes over time.

What Is Biology?


Introduction to Chemistry

This is a collection of different types of chemistry glassware containing colored liquids.
Nicholas Rigg, Getty Images

Chemistry is the study of matter and the different ways matter and energy interact with each other. The study of chemistry involves learning about the elements, molecules, and chemical reactions.

What Is Chemistry?

Introduction to Physics

Flask & Circuit
Andy Sotiriou, Getty Images

The definitions for physics and chemistry are pretty much the same. Physics is the study of matter and energy and the relationships between them. Physics and chemistry are called the 'physical sciences'. Sometimes physics is considered to be the science of how things work.

What Is Physics?

Introduction to Geology

Photo of Earth from the Galileo spacecraft, Dec. 11, 1990.

Geology is the study of the Earth. Geologists study what the earth is made of and how it was formed. Some people consider geology to be the study of rocks and minerals... and it is, but there is much more to it than that.

What Is Geology?

Introduction to Astronomy

NGC 604, a region of ionized hydrogen in the Triangulum Galaxy.
Hubble Space Telescope, photo PR96-27B

While geology is the study of everything having to do with the Earth, astronomy is the study of everything else! Astronomers study planets other than earth, stars, galaxies, black holes... the whole universe.

What Is Astronomy?

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