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Materials Science

Learn about the chemistry of various materials, such as polymers, metals, glass and ceramics.

Materials Science Fair Projects
Materials science involves physical science and engineering. Science fair projects can invent new materials, improve existing materials, test the properties of materials, or compare the suitability of different materials for a specific purpose. Here's a look at some science fair project ideas in this field of research.

Activated Charcoal
Activated charcoal isn't the same as your average barbeque briquette! It's a special type of carbon. Learn what activated charcoal is and why it is used in filters and medicines.

Colored Glass Chemistry
Have you ever wondered how glass is colored? Here's a table of common colorants and a description of processes used to color glass.

Gold Alloys
None of the gold used in jewelry is pure gold. Some gold isn't even 'gold'-colored (e.g., white gold). The different colors are due to the presence of other metals alloyed with the gold. This table gives common compositions of the different colors of gold.

Diamond Chemistry
Part I: Carbon Chemistry and Diamond Crystal Structure. Part II: Properties and Types of Diamonds. There are also links to learn about carbon allotropes, diamond mining, diamonds as gemstones, and geology.

How Teflon Sticks to Nonstick Pans
Teflon is the name given to the fluoropolymer coating on non-stick pans. It won't stick to your food, yet somehow stays on the pan. Here's a look at how they get it to stick there.

Monomers and Polymers
Monomers are the building blocks of more complex molecules, called polymers. Polymers consist of repeating molecular units which usually are joined by covalent bonds. Here is a closer look at the chemistry of monomers and polymers.

Silly Putty
Learn about the history of Silly Putty, how it works, how to make your own, and what you can do to explore the interesting properties of this viscoelastic liquid.

Stainless Steel
Learn about the chemistry of stainless steel. This article also includes descriptions of the different types of stainless steels, comments on passivation, and numerous links to sites offering related information.

Sterling Silver
Sterling silver is a popular metal for jewelry, silverware and decorations. Here is a look at the chemical composition of sterling silver.

White Gold
White gold is a popular metal for jewelry. Have you ever wondered what white gold is made of? Here's a look at the chemical composition of white gold and some of the properties of white gold.

White Gold Isn't White
Did you know all white gold is plated with another metal to make it the shiny white color that it is? Here's a look at what white gold is plated with and why it is plated in the first place.

What Is Mylar?
You may be familiar with Mylar in shiny helium-filled balloons, solar filters, space blankets, protective plastic coatings or insulators. Here's a look at what Mylar is made of and how Mylar is made.

What Is Plastic?
Have you ever wondered about the chemical composition of plastic or what it is made of? Here's a look a what plastic is and how it is formed.

Are Copper Bowls Better for Whipping Egg Whites?
Using a copper bowl makes it more difficult to overbeat egg whites. Other bowl materials don't offer this advantage. In this article, your Guide explains the principle behind this cooking phenomenon.

What Is Gorilla Glass?
Gorilla Glass is the thin, tough glass that protects cell phones and other portable electronic devices. Here's a look at what Gorilla Glass is and what makes it so strong.

Make Graphene
The discovery of graphene, a honeycomb sheet of carbon, was so important it earned a Nobel Prize, yet graphene isn't an exotic material. You can make it yourself!

Why Graphene Is Important
Graphene is a two-dimensional arrangement of carbon atoms that is revolutionizing technology. Here are some reasons why graphene is important.

Examples of Conductors and Insulators
Get examples of electrical and thermal conductors and insulators.

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