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Atomic Bomb Cake Recipe

How to Make and Decorate an Atomic Bomb Cake


It's easy to make and decorate a cake so that it looks like a nuclear explosion or atomic cake.

It's easy to make and decorate a cake so that it looks like a nuclear explosion or atomic cake.

Anne Helmenstine
Here's an easy cake decorating idea for a mad scientist party or just for fun. Bake an atomic cake! Here's what you do:

Atomic Cake Materials

The cake is essentially made from two cakes which are stacked on top of each other.
  • 2 boxes of cake mix (red velvet looks fiery or you could dye white cake with food coloring)

  • 3 containers of frosting (or make your own)

  • props and decorations (e.g., fire-colored sprinkles, fake trees)

  • 2 unopened 15-oz cans that will stack

  • 2 round cake pans

  • 1 round glass or metal mixing bowl (same diameter or smaller than cake pans)

Prepare the Atomic Cake

  1. Use one of the cake mixes to make a usual round double-layer cake. Prepare the other cake mix and bake it in the bowl.

  2. After the cakes have cooled, use a knife to cut circles in the round cakes so that you can set a can in the center of the cake. Eat or discard the pieces of cake.

  3. Set a can in the first cake layer. Frost the top of this layer.

  4. Set the other layer on top of the first layer. The can will be in the center of this cake as well. Finish frosting the cake.

  5. Invert the bowl cake onto a plate that is the same size as the cake. Frost this cake.

  6. Assemble the atomic cake by setting the second can on top of the first. Frost the cans. Place the bowl cake on the cans. Add any finishing touches.
This cake is based on a famous cake which was served at a party November 5, 1942 to celebrate the success and disbanding of the Joint Army-Navy Task Force Number One which organized and oversaw the first postwar atomic test in the Pacific. The original cake was made from angelfood puffs.

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