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Mad Scientist Lab - Projects & Experiments for the Mad Scientist

Do you crave bubbling potions, slimy ooze and ghoulish glowing objects? It's time to break out the lab coat and do (mad) science! These projects and experiments are safe enough for young mad scientists, though mad scientists of any age can do them.
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Mad Scientist Science Projects
Do you want to be a Mad Scientist? Here is a collection of science projects that will either give you the appearance of a mad scientist or else require a bit of science madness to try.

Mad Scientist Party
A mad scientist party is a fun and educational party theme, ideal for birthdays and Halloween. Get ideas for invitations, decorations, costumes, food and drink, cakes, mad scientist experiments and games, as well as party favors for guests to take home.

Radioactive-Looking Slime
The slime you might find in a real Mad Scientist's lab would probably be the result of some horrible genetic mutation. You can make slime that looks radioactive and toxic, yet is actually easy to make and safe. Here's how you do it.

Dry Ice Bubble
The giant bubble you can make using dry ice and bubble solution sort of resembles a crystal ball. This is an easy and spectacular science project.

Fake Neon Sign
Do you love the look of neon signs, but want an inexpensive alternative that you can customize to say whatever you want? You can make a fake neon sign using fluorescence to make inexpensive common materials glow.

Fizzy Potion Recipe
Make a non-toxic fizzy Mad Scientist potion using ingredients from your kitchen. The potion looks evil, but it is safe enough to drink.

Lava Lamp - Easy Kitchen Version
Every mad scientist needs a lava lamp in his or her lair. Have you ever wanted to make your own lava lamp? Lava lamps that you buy use high heat and toxic chemicals, but you can make a lava lamp at home using safe kitchen ingredients. Here's how.

LED Glowies and LED Throwies
Here are simple instructions for making your own LED glowies and LED throwies. LED glowies are glowing Light Emitting Diode or LED devices, while LED throwies are LED glowies that you can toss and stick onto any ferromagnetic surface. Both LED projects are easy and fun.

Rubber Egg & Chicken Bones
You can make a hard boiled egg bounce like a rubber ball and cause chicken bones to become soft and rubbery. All you need is a common kitchen ingredient.

Which Mad Scientist Are You?
If you were a famous mad scientist, which mad scientist would you be? Take this fun multiple choice quiz to find out.

Dry Ice Projects
What mad scientist lab would be complete without dry ice? This is a collection of photographs of dry ice and science projects that involve dry ice.

Mad Scientist Pictures
Are you looking for a picture of a mad scientist? This is a collection of mad scientist pictures, ranging from famous mad scientists to mad scientist Halloween costumes.

Science Pranks
Some of the coolest pranks and practical jokes rely on science. Learn how to make stink bombs, color someone's urine, change the color of coins, and more with this collection of science pranks.

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