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Slime Recipes

Recipes for Making Different Types of Slime


There's more than one way to make slime. Actually, there are lots of different recipes! Here are some of the best recipes for different types of slime, from normal slimy slime to eerie glow-in-the-dark slime.

Radioactive-Looking Slime

Slime is easy and fun to make.
Anne Helmenstine
This slime sort of resembles toxic waste, yet it is actually easy to make and safe. The best part is, it only requires a couple of easy-to-find ingredients.

Glow in the Dark Slime

It's easy and fun to make eerie glowing slime.
Anne Helmenstine
What is better than regular slime? Slime that glows in the dark, of course! This is an easy and fun project that is suitable for kids.

Classic Slime

Anne Helmenstine
This is the classic slime recipe. It's very simple to make this slime, plus you can make it any color you want.


Floam can be scultped into shapes or used to coat other objects.
Anne Helmenstine
Floam is a moldable type of slime that contains polystyrene (styrofoam) beads in it. You can shape it around objects and sculpt with it.

Edible Blood Slime (It Glows!)

This edible slime looks like blood and glows blue-white under a black light.
Anne Helmenstine
Do you need to eat your slime or at least get it near your mouth? Here's a slime that looks like dripping blood, until you shine a black light on it. Then it looks like glowing alien goo.

Silly Putty

Flowing Silly Putty
Emily Roesly, morguefile.com
Actually, Silly Putty is a patented invention, so you can't make the real deal, but you can make Silly Putty simulants.

Gunk or Goo

Non-toxic goo hardens like a solid when you squeeze it but flows like a liquid when you pour it.
Anne Helmenstine
This is an interesting non-toxic slime that has properties of both a liquid and a solid. It flows like a liquid, but it hardens when you squeeze it. This slime is easy to make.


Flubber is a non-sticky and non-toxic type of slime.
Anne Helmenstine
Flubber is a non-sticky, rubbery sort of slime. This non-toxic slime is made from fiber and water.

Ectoplasm Slime

You can make this non-sticky, edible slime from two easy-to-find ingredients.
Anne Helmenstine
You can make this non-sticky, edible slime from two easy-to-find ingredients. It can be used as ectoplasm for costumes, haunted houses, and Halloween parties.

Koolaid Playdough

Here's a recipe for a fruity type of slime or playdough. The ingredients are safe enough that the project is theoretically edible (not tasty). The coloring in drink mix will probably result in colored fingers.
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