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Soap Slime

Make Easy Soap Slime


Soap slime is an easy-to-make type of slime that is fun to play with and makes clean-up fun. Here's how you make it.

Soap Slime Materials

  • leftover pieces from bars of soap (or you can use a whole bar)
  • water
  • jar

    Make Soap Slime

    You've probably made soap slime accidentally by allowing soap to get wet and stay wet in the bathtub or shower. Here's how you make soap slime, on purpose:

    1. Place the soap pieces in a jar.
    2. Cover the soap with water.
    3. Let the jar sit for a day or two. You've got slime!
    You can play with the slime or you can use it during bathtime like you would ordinary soap. The soap slime with rinse away with water. Soap isn't edible, so don't eat this slime either. Also keep it out of your eyes. If you get some soap slime in your eyes, immediately rinse it out with water. Otherwise, have good clean fun!
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