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Goo Slime Recipe

Make Goo Slime from Starch and Glue


Kids love to play with slime.

Kids love to play with slime.

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Goo slime is a type of slime that flows when you pour it, but hardens when you squeeze it. Goo is non-toxic and easy to make using two common household ingredients.

Goo Slime Ingredients

  • 1/2 cup white glue
  • 1 cup liquid starch
  • food coloring (optional)

Make Goo Slime

You can make goo slime in any container, but a plastic baggie is especially good because you can mix the slime in it and use it to store the slime when you're done playing with it. Make the goo by mixing the starch and glue. Add a few drops of food coloring, if desired. You can use a spoon, squish the goo in a baggie, or mix the ingredients with your hands.

Goo Care and Clean Up

Goo will last for a couple of weeks in a baggie or longer if kept in the refrigerator. You can remove goo from surfaces and fabrics using warm water. If you used food coloring to tint the goo, the slime may stain your hands and some surfaces. This slime is non-toxic and safe for young children to make and use.
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