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Let's Make Slime

This is a collection of slime recipes for kids. You'll find goo, ooze, flubber, oobleck, putty, and many more types of slime. Slime recipes are a great way to experience polymers.

Slime Recipes
There's more than one way to make slime. Actually, there are lots of different recipes! Here are some of the best recipes for different types of slime, from normal slimy slime to eerie glow-in-the-dark slime.

Edible Slime Recipes
Nearly all of the slime recipes are non-toxic, but that doesn't mean the ingredients or slime are good enough to eat. This is a collection of edible slime recipes. Some edible slime tastes good; some edible slime tastes terrible. All of these recipes are safe to eat as food.

Slime Step-By-Step Instructions
Slime is easy and fun to make, plus it only requires glue, borax, and water. Here are step-by-step instructions for making classic slime, complete with photos.

Slime FAQs
Do you have questions about making slime? Find answers to common questions about slime ingredients, coloring slime, how slime works, and how to store slime.

Chocolate Slime
Chocolate slime is the ultimate flavored edible slime! This slime recipe is easy to make, fun to play with, and tastes good.

Edible Slime
Most slime recipes are non-toxic, but there are only a few you can actually eat and none that taste as good as this one! Here's how to make edible slime.

Electroactive Slime
This recipe makes cool, non-toxic slime that appears to have a life of its own!

Fake Snot Recipe
This is a gooey, gross variation of the traditional slime recipe, great for Halloween and other occasions requiring snot.

Floam Instructions
Make your own version of Floam, a type of slime that contains polystyrene beads so that you can mold it into shapes.

Fruity Putty
These are step-by-step instructions on how to make fruity putty.

Gelatin Plastic Recipe
Colorful gelatin shapes can be used to make jewelry, mobiles, decorations, and more!

Glow in the Dark Slime
What is better than regular slime? Slime that glows in the dark, of course! This is an easy and fun project that is suitable for kids.

Goo Recipe
Make squishy non-toxic goo that hardens in your hands when you squeeze it, but flows like a liquid when you pour it.

Goo Slime Recipe #2
Goo slime is a type of slime that flows when you pour it, but hardens when you squeeze it. Goo is non-toxic and easy to make using two common household ingredients.

Gunk Recipe
This is sort of like slime, but drier and very non-toxic if left uncolored.

Koolaid Playdough
This recipe results in an edible, fruit-scented playdough.

Metamucil Flubber
This recipe makes a non-sticky sort of 'rubber' or gelatinous slime.

Non-Toxic Gravy Fingerpaints
These finger paints are just right for aspiring artists! Use soap and water for clean-up. Be aware that the food coloring could stain fabrics and furniture.

Non-Toxic Paste Recipe
This is the classic, simple flour paste.

Oobleck Recipe
Learn how to make Oobleck, a type of slime that has properties of both liquids and solids.

Plastic from Dairy
Plastics are generally produced from petroleum, but they can come from other sources as well! All that is really required is the ability to join molecules containing carbon and hydrogen together, which you do whenever you curdle milk.

Radioactive-Looking Slime
The slime you might find in a real Mad Scientist's lab would probably be the result of some horrible genetic mutation. You can make slime that looks radioactive and toxic, yet is actually easy to make and safe. Here's how you do it.

Resin Papier Mache Paste
This papier mache paste dries to a hard finish.

Slime Recipe
There are lots of recipes for slime. Since most recipes are easy, look for one using ingredients you have on hand.

Soap Slime
Soap slime is an easy-to-make type of slime that is fun to play with and makes clean-up fun. Here's how you make it.

Edible Glowing Blood Slime
Do you need non-sticky blood for a costume or decoration? Here are instructions for a non-sticky slime that looks like dripping blood. It's edible (decent-tasting too), plus it glows under a black light.

Borax-Free Slime Recipe
The traditional slime recipe calls for glue and borax, but you can make slime without borax, too! Here is an easy borax-free slime recipe.

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