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What Is a Mixture?


This is a heterogeneous mixture of tomatoes.

This is a heterogeneous mixture of tomatoes.

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Question: What Is a Mixture?

You may have heard the term mixture used in reference to chemistry or cooking. Let's take a look at what a mixture is.

Answer: A mixture is what you get when you combine two substances in such a way that no chemical reaction occurs between the components and you can separate them again.

Technically, the term "mixture" is used incorrectly when a recipe calls for you to mix, for example, flour and eggs. A chemical reaction does occur between those cooking ingredients. You can't undo it. However, mixing dry ingredients, such as flour, salt and sugar, does produce an actual mixture.

Examples of Mixtures

  • sand and water
  • salt and water
  • sugar and salt

Examples That Are Not Mixtures

  • baking soda and vinegar
  • borax and glue to make slime


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