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Do Mood Rings Work?


Mood rings come in a variety of shapes.

Mood rings come in a variety of shapes. This heart-shaped mood ring has the domed stone typical of a 1970s ring.

Anne Helmenstine

Question: Do Mood Rings Work?

Do mood rings really work? Can a mood ring tell your mood? Here's a look at how mood rings change colors and whether they can really tell your mood.

Answer: Short Answer: No.

Longer Answer: Mood rings change color because the liquid crystals in them change color in response to temperature. Although the temperature of your finger, and thus the mood ring, do change temperature in response to your emotions, your finger changes temperature for a lot of other reasons, too. Your mood ring will give erroneous results according to the weather and your health.

Since mood rings are sold as novelty items, a toy or jewelry company can put whatever they want on the color chart that comes with the mood ring. Some companies try to match the colors to what your mood might be for a given temperature. Others probably just go with whatever chart looks pretty.


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