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January 27 Science History

Science History for January 27

By Todd Helmenstine

Learn about the history of science by reading about the significant scientific events that took place on this day in history.

1967 - Apollo 1 Fire

Apollo 1 astronauts Gus Grissom, Ed White and Roger Chaffee
Three American astronauts died in a fire during an Apollo-1 launch pad test. Virgil "Gus" Grissom was a veteran of both Mercury and Gemini missions. Edward H. White, II was the first US astronaut to perform an Extra Vehicular Activity (EVA) or 'space walk'. Apollo-1 would have been the first mission for the third astronaut, Roger B. Chaffee.

1940 - David Murray Cowie died.

Dr. Cowie was instrumental in the addition of iodide to table salt as a dietary supplement.

1936 - Samuel C.C. Ting was born.

Ting is an American physicist who shares the 1976 Nobel Prize for Physics with Burton Richter for the discovery of the J/ψ particle.

1903 - John Carew Eccles was born.

Eccles was an Australian neuroscientist who was awarded one third of the 1963 Nobel Prize in Medicine for his work in determining the chemistry of how nerve cells relay information.

1888 - National Geographic Society chartered.

The National Geographic Society was founded.

1888 - Victor Goldschmidt was born.

Goldschmidt was the founder of modern geochemistry and inorganic crystal chemistry. He determined the crystal structure of over 200 different compounds. He also used values of atomic radii to predict crystal compositions and divided the elements according to their preferred affinity for gaseous or liquid phases known as the Goldschmidt classification.

1829 - Isaac Roberts was born.

Isaac Roberts (1829 - 1904)
Wikipedia Commons
Roberts was an astronomer who the originated the technique of astrophotography with photographs of nebulae.

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