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Get iodine facts and find projects for iodine, its compounds and isotopes.

Iodine Facts
Learn about the characteristics of the element iodine.

How To Perform the Nitrogen Triiodide Chemistry Demonstration
Learn how to perform the nitrogen triiodide chemistry demonstration, a spectacular touch-sensitive decomposition that produces a cloud of purple smoke.

Violet Smoke Chemistry Demonstration
Here are two ways to produce violet smoke from iodine vapor for a colorful chemistry demonstration.

Iodine Atom
This diagram of a iodine atom shows the electron shell.This diagram of an iodine atom shows the electron shell.

Iodine Vapor Photograph
This is a photograph of a flask of elemental iodine vapor.

Iodine Crystal Photograph
This is a photograph of crystal of pure iodine. Solid iodine is a lustrous blue-black color.

How Do I Remove Iodine from Drinking Water?
Many processes may add iodine and radioactive iodine to water. If iodine is a concern, it is easy to remove from your water.

10 Iodine Facts
Iodine is an element you encounter in iodized salt and the foods you eat. A small amount of iodine is essential for nutrition. Here are 10 facts about iodine.

Iodine Facts Quiz
How much do you know about the element iodine? Here's a ten question quiz you can take to test your knowledge of iodine facts.

Where Is Iodine Found On The Periodic Table?
This shows where iodine appears on the periodic table of the elements.

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