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Science Clipart and Diagrams

Lab equipment, safety signs, experiments, and more.


This is a collection of science clipart and diagrams. Some of the science clipart images are public domain and can be used freely, while others are available for viewing and download, but cannot be posted elsewhere online. I've noted the copyright status and image owner.
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The Bohr Model of the atom is a planetary model in which the electrons orbit around the nucleus.Bohr Model of the AtomThis is a basic diagram of an atom, with protons, neutrons and electrons labeled.Atom DiagramThis is a diagram of a copper cathode in a galvanic cell.Cathode DiagramThis diagram illustrates the process of chemical precipitation.Precipitation
Electron shell diagram for radium.Radium Electron ShellElectron shell diagram of neptunium.Neptunium Electron ShellBoyle's Law describes the relationship between pressure and volume at constant mass and temperature.Boyle's Law IllustrationRelationship between temperature and volume when mass and pressure are constant: Charles's Law.Charles's Law Illustration
BatteryElectrochemical CellThis diagram of the pH scale shows the pH values of several common chemicals.pH ScaleMolecule IconMolecule Icon

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