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Fluorescence & Phosphorescence

Pictures of Glow-in-the-Dark or Photoluminescent Objects


Fluorescence and phosphorescence are both examples of photoluminescence. In both cases, light is absorbed and then re-emitted at a less-energetic wavelength. Fluorescent and phosphorescent objects usually glow under exposure to ultraviolet light (though this is not a requirement). Fluorescence involves absorbing and releasing lower energy light almost immediately, while the light release of phosphorescence is delayed, so these materials appear to glow in the dark.
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Ultraviolet light is invisible, but black lights or UV-lamps also emit some visible violet light.Black LightExample of phosphorescence.Phosphorescence ExampleTonic water is a carbonated soft drink that is flavored with quinine. The quinine is fluorescent.Tonic Water FluorescenceGlowing Fluorescent DyeGlowing Fluorescent Dye
This is a collection of fluorescent minerals, shown under ultraviolet light.Fluorescent MineralsThis key identifies the fluorescent minerals.Fluorescent Minerals KeyShining a black light on magic powerballs makes them glow brightly in vivid neon colors.Glowing Magic PowerballsYou can make a glowing fake neon sign using plastic tubing and a black light.Artificial Neon Sign
Uranium glass fluoresces under ultraviolet light.Uranium Glass - Vaseline Glass

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