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Ice Cream Projects

This is a collection of recipes for ice cream used as science projects. You can make tasty treats to learn about freezing point depression and phase transitions. Some of the recipes provide an introduction to cryogenics.

Science Ice Cream Recipes
Making ice cream is great way to enjoy a tasty treat, plus it involves several chemistry concepts. Here's a collection of easy and fun science ice cream recipes, including classic liquid nitrogen ice cream, homemade Dippin' Dots, dry ice ice cream and more.

Ice Cream in a Baggie
Make a tasty treat and learn about freezing point depression, too! All you need are some basic ingredients and two ziploc baggies. It's easy, fun, and educational.

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream
Make liquid nitrogen ice cream as a cool cryogenics or phase change demonstration or for a quick and tasty treat.

Dry Ice Ice Cream Recipe
Are you in a hurry for your ice cream? Try this quick and easy dry ice ice cream recipe. The ice cream comes out carbonated, so it's very interesting.

Snow Ice Cream Recipes
Here is a collection of several quick and easy recipes for ice cream you can make using snow.

What Causes Brain Freeze?
If you've ever experienced a sudden stabbing pain in your forehead when eating ice cream or enjoying a cool drink then you know what brain freeze is. Do you know what causes brain freeze or how you can stop the pain?

Instant Sorbet in a Baggie
Make sorbet in a baggie, instantly! Use freezing point depression to lower the temperature of sorbet to freeze it, without a freezer.

Homemade Dippin' Dots Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream
Dippin' Dots consist of ice cream that has been flash frozen. Here's how to make your own Dippin' Dots ice cream.

Instant Slushy How-To
Cool off and amaze your friends by making any soft drink or soda turn into a slushy on command. Here's how to do this fun and refreshing supercooled science project.

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