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Get help for your chemistry homework! You'll find a variety of resources, from ask-an-expert, online converters and calculators, study guides, dictionaries, a review of math/science fundamentals, and examples of worked problems.
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Chemistry Answers
Students often ask "How do I get answers to chemistry questions online?" There are several ways to find answers and to ask chemistry questions and get them answered. Here is what you do.

Chemistry Help Videos
Learn chemistry and reinforce your understanding of chemistry concepts by watching these chemistry videos.

Best Chemistry Study Tips
Did you take a chemistry class and have a really great way to study? Are you getting ready to take a chemistry class and need help with studying? Submit your best chemistry study tip or ready what chemistry class survivors have to say!

How to Pass Chemistry
Are you taking a chemistry class? Chemistry may be challenging, but there are many things you can do to help yourself succeed. Here are some tips to help you pass chemistry.

Chemistry Study Tips
Here are some homework and study tips to help you succeed in chemistry.

How to Write a Lab Report
Lab reports are an essential part of all laboratory courses and usually a significant part of your grade. If your instructor gives you an outline for how to write a lab report, use that. Here's a format for a lab report you can use if you aren't sure what to write or need an explanation of what to include in the different parts of the report.

Printable Chemistry Worksheets
This is a collection of chemistry worksheets in pdf format. The answers to the questions are available on separate worksheets so you can fill them out and then check your work.

Failing Chemistry - What to Do if You Are Failing Chemistry
Are you failing chemistry? Don't panic. Here's a look at what you can do and how you can make the best of the situation and possibly turn it around.

Review Returned Tests
Learn why you should review a returned chemistry test and how to do it to gain the most benefit from the exam.

GED Study Guide for Chemisty
One section of the GED or General Education Development Test covers science, including chemistry. This study guide reviews the concepts you can expect to appear on the test.

How to Take a Test
How you take a test is at least as important as your preparation for it. These tips can help you make the grade.

Learn Chemistry
Learn chemistry! Get chemistry help, tutorials, example problems, self-quizzes, and chemistry tools so you can learn the concepts of general chemistry.

Teach Yourself Chemistry
You can teach yourself general chemistry with this step-by-step introduction to the basic concepts.

Chemistry Major Courses
Are you interested in studying chemistry in college? Here is a look at the courses you can expect to take if you have a chemistry major. The specific courses you take will depend on which school you attend, but in general you can expect a heavy emphasis on chemistry and math.

Top Reasons Why Students Fail Chemistry
Worried about failing chemistry? Here's a look at the main reasons why students fail. Avoiding these common problems could be a key to science class success!

How to Fail a Chemistry Class
Avoid these mistakes to help ensure success in your chemistry class.

Chemistry Regents
Learn about the Chemistry Regents course and how to prepare for the Chemistry Regents exam.

Chemistry 11
This is a list of Chemistry 11 or 11th Grade High School Chemistry topics.

Periodic Table of the Elements
This handy table is from your About Guide. Check back often for additional facts and figures.

Periodic Table of the Elements for Kids
This table was made with kids and homework in mind. It includes element groups and periods, element symbols, atomic numbers, atomic weights, and links to detailed facts for each element.

Chemistry Glossary
From your About Chemistry guide, this glossary includes terminology from featured articles. Additional chemistry definitions are always being added.

Chemical Structures Archive
From your About Chemistry Guide, these are structures (gifs) for all of the molecules from articles and facts on the About Chemistry website. Many supplemental structures are available, too. Additions are made to the archive regularly.

Chemistry Forum - Discussion
If you have homework questions, this is a great place to go to get answers. If you have chemistry knowledge and want to share it with others, this is the place for you, too!

Chemistry 101 - Introduction & Index of Topics
Welcome to the wide world of chemistry! This is an introduction to chemistry and an index of concepts and tools to help you learn chemistry.

Chemistry 101: An Introduction and Study Tips
From your About Chemistry guide, these are tips for homework and laboratory exercises, with links to a library of chemical structures, glossary, periodic table, and additional resources.

Flash Cards - How to Use Flash Cards to Study Chemistry
Flash cards can be a great study aid. You can use them to help memorize facts, lists, and structures as well as to reinforce important concepts. Here's how to prepare and use flash cards to help study chemistry.

GED Chemistry Quiz
Do you know the concepts of general chemistry covered on the science portion of the GED test for a general equivalency diploma? Quiz yourself before taking the big test.

Graph Paper
Do you need to print some graph paper? This is a selection of different types of graph paper in pdf format that you can save and print as needed.

Index of Worked Chemistry Problems
This is a one-page index of all of the worked chemistry problems on the site, arranged alphabetically and also arranged according to the order in which they are (typically) presented in a general chemistry text.

Introduction to Chemistry Quiz
This multiple choice quiz tests your understanding of introductory chemistry concepts. It covers matter, chemical and physical changes, energy, endothermic and exothermic reactions, measurements, significant figures, and scientific notation.

Balancing Chemical Equations
Here is a step-by-step tutorial for balancing chemical equations, along with a worked example. This is a must-read for students of general and introductory chemistry!

Basic Online Calculator
Sometimes you just need to use a quickie calculator! Here's one for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Concentration and Molarity
These are examples of concentration and molarity calculations, with links to other worked chemistry problems and homework help.

Mean or Average - Calculate the Mean
It's very important to know how to calculate the mean or average of a set of numbers. Among other things, this will allow you to calculate your grade point average. However, you'll need to calculate the mean for several other situations, too.

Significant Figures
These are examples of significant figure, accuracy, and precision problems, with links to other worked chemistry problems and homework help.

Temperature Converter
Here's a handy online converter for temperatures. Simply enter your known temperature (Kelvin, Celsius, Fahrenheit) and the other values will appear. It's much easier than trying to remember the formulas or do the math!

Successful Science Fair Projects
Get help finding a subject, preparing a hypothesis, writing the report, and making a presentation for a science fair project. This guide is suitable for grade school through university level.

Temperature Conversions
These are examples of temperature conversion problems, with links to other worked chemistry problems and homework help.

Unit Conversions
These are examples of unit conversion problems, with links to other worked chemistry problems and homework help.

Unit Conversion Worksheets
Use these printable worksheets to practice unit conversions. These pdf questions and answers will test your understanding of metric-metric, metric-English, and temperature conversions.

Chemistry Homework Help
Get help with your chemistry homework. Practice problems, learn to memorize and take notes, and get help studying.

How To Calculate Density of A Gas
This example problem shows how to calculate the density of a gas when the pressure and temperature are known.

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