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Easter Science

Easter Science Projects & Topics


Are you looking for science projects, experiments, and topics that you can tie in with the Easter holiday? Here's a collection of resources for you.

Natural Easter Egg Dyes

Easter Eggs
NaJina McEnany
These are easy instructions for making your own natural Easter egg dyes, using fruits, vegetables, and spices.

Water into Wine Demonstration

Water into Wine or Blood Demonstration
andrea, www.morguefile.com
This popular chemistry demonstration is often called turning water into wine. It's really a simple example of a pH indicator.

Crystal Easter Eggs

Cover a real egg with crystals to use as an Easter decoration.
Anne Helmenstine
Grow crystals on a real egg to make a crystal Easter egg. This is a quick project that can be used with any of a variety of kitchen ingredients to produce a hanging Easter ornament, tabletop egg decoration or sparkling crystal Easter egg geode.

Sugar & String Easter Egg

You can crystallize sugar onto string to make extra-special Easter eggs.
Anne Helmenstine
You can crystallize sugar onto string to make a special Easter egg that you can use as a decoration or an Easter basket.

Silly Putty Science

Flowing Silly Putty
Emily Roesly, morguefile.com
The reason you find Silly Putty in an egg is because it was packaged as an Easter novelty toy for the International Toy Fair in New York in 1950.

Peer S'mores in the Microwave

Peeps are marshmallows, which are puffed table sugar or sucrose. When you microwave them, the water in the peeps vaporizes, causing bubbles trapped in the sugar to expand and the peeps to grow and grow and grow. That is fun all by itself, but you can use the melted peeps to make s'mores.

Egg in a Bottle Demonstration

Egg in a Bottle Demonstration
Anne Helmenstine
Are you wondering what to do with those Easter eggs? Try this simple science demonstration in which you get a hard-boiled egg to slip into a bottle, even though the egg doesn't fit.

Theobromine Chemistry

Chocolate Easter Eggs
Scott Liddell, morguefile.com
What makes Easter chocolate so awesome? Part of it has to be the beautiful foil wrappers used for Easter candy, but the chemistry of chocolate plays a big part, too. Theobromine is the chemical in chocolate that is related to caffeine.

Make Colored Chalk

You can make colored chalk yourself.
Jeffrey Hamilton, Getty Images
Colored chalk is a popular Easter basket gift since it can be used for an activity other than eating. While you could buy colored chalk, it's fun and easy to make your own.

Why Egg Yolks Turn Green

A green ring forms where the yolk meets the white.
Maximilian Stock Ltd., Getty Images
Have you ever wondered why some hard boiled eggs have a ring of green around the yolk? Here's a look at what causes green yolks, whether the green is safe to eat and how you can prevent yolks from turning green in the first place.

Color Your Egg Yolks

It's possible to change the color of an egg yolk.
Tim Graham, Getty Images

 Everyone colors the shell of their Easter eggs, but wouldn't it be cool to color the yolks as well? It's possible!

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