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Famous Chemists & Scientists Contributing to Chemistry


These are images of famous chemists or other scientists who made significant contributions to the field of chemistry. I've indexed them alphabetically, by last name. Pictures containing multiple famous chemists appear first.
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First Solvay ConferenceFirst Solvay ConferenceAlfred Bernhard NobelCurie LabCurie LabMarie CurieCurie Women
J. J. Thomson and Ernest RutherfordJ. J. Thomson and Ernest RutherfordPortrait of Monsieur Lavoisier and his WifeLavoisierEmil Abderhalden was a famous Swiss biochemist and physiologist.Emil AbderhaldenRichard Wilhelm Heinrich Abegg was the German chemist who described valence theory.Richard Abegg
Svante A. ArrheniusFrancis W. AstonAmedeo AvogadroAdolf von Baeyer

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