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Famous Chemists - Last Names Starting with R

Scientists who Made Important Chemistry Discoveries


Ernest Rutherford

Ernest Rutherford

This is an alphabetical list of famous chemists and other scientists who made important contributions to the field of chemistry.

Index of Famous Chemists

William Ramsay, (1852-1916), Scottish chemist, winner of 1904 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Marij Rebek, chemist

Henri-Victor Regnault (1810-1878), French physical chemist

Ferdinand Reich (1799-1882) German chemist, co-discoverer of indium

Tadeus Reichstein, (1897–1996), Polish born Swiss chemist, winner of 1950 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

Stuart A. Rice, (born 1932), physical chemist

Ellen Swallow Richards, (1842–1911), industrial and environmental chemist

Theodore William Richards (1868-1928) American chemist, winner of 1914 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Hieronymus Theodor Richter (1824-1898) German chemist, co-discoverer of indium

Jeremias Benjamin Richter (1762–1807), German chemist

Andrés Manuel Del Rio (1764-1849) Spanish mineralogist, discovered vanadium

Robert Robinson (1886-1975) English chemist, winner of 1947 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Martin Rodbell (1925-1998) American biochemist, winner of 1994 Nobel Prize in Medicine

Irwin Rose (1926- ) American biochemist, winner of 2004 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

William Cumming Rose (1887-1958) American biochemist

Guillaume François Rouelle (1703-1770) French chemist

F. Sherwood Rowland (1927- ) American chemist, winner of 1995 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge (1795-1867) German chemist

Daniel Rutherford (1749-1819) Scottish chemist, discovered and isolated nitrogen

Ernest Rutherford (1871-1937), Father of Nuclear Physics, 1908 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Lavoslav Stjepan Ružička, (1887–1976), 1939 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

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