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Famous Chemists - Last Names Starting with N

Scientists who Made Important Chemistry Discoveries


Nobel invented dynamite and created the Nobel Foundation.

Nobel invented dynamite and created the Nobel Foundation.

Gösta Florman
This is an alphabetical list of famous chemists and other scientists who made important contributions to the field of chemistry.

Index of Famous Chemists

Giulio Natta (1903-1979) Italian chemist, winner of 1963 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

John Ulric Nef (1862-1915) Swiss born-American chemist

Walther H. Nernst (1864-1941) Prussian physical chemist, winner of the 1920 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

John Alexander Reina Newlands (1837-1898) British chemist, Law of octaves

Sir Isaac Newton, (1642–1727)

Paul Niggli (1888-1953) Swiss mineralogist and crystallographer

Alfred Nobel (1833-1896) Inventor of dynamite and creator of the Nobel Foundation.

Ida (Tacke) Noddack (1896-1978), German chemist, discovered rhenium

Walter Noddack (1893-1960), German chemist, discovered rhenium.

Ronald G. W. Norrish (1897-1978), English chemist, winner 1967 Nobel Prize Chemistry

John H. Northrop (1891-1987), American biochemist, winner of 1949 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Ryoji Noyori (1938- ) Japanese chemist, winner 2001 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

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