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History of Chemistry

Learn about the History of Chemistry


The squared circle is a 17th century alchemical symbol for the Philosopher's Stone.

The 'squared circle' is a 17th century alchemical glyph for the Philosopher's Stone, which was supposed to be able to transmute base metals into gold and act as an elixir of life.

Frater5, Wikipedia Commons

Learn about the history of chemistry, including the transition from alchemy to chemistry, the discovery of the chemical elements, and the inventions and contributions made by famous chemists and Nobel Prize in Chemistry winners.

On This Day in Chemistry History

If you want to know what happened in science, particularly chemistry, on any particular date, use this historical index:

This Day in Science History

Alchemy and the History of Chemistry

Alchemy is alive and well today, but it existed before chemistry was a science. Alchemists discovered many of the chemical elements and developed the systematic way of examining matter that came to be known as chemistry.

Alchemy Pictures & Images
Alchemy Symbols of the Elements
Turning Lead into Gold

History of the Chemical Elements

The history of chemistry is based in part on the discovery and study of the chemical elements. Some of the elements were known to ancient man, but most of them were discovered by alchemists and chemists. In fact, new elements are still being discovered today.

Timeline of Element Discovery
How New Elements Are Discovered

History of Chemistry & Famous Chemists

You can trace the history of chemistry through the achievements of famous chemists and other scientists, engineers and inventors who made contributions to the field of chemistry.

Chemistry Timeline
Index of Famous Chemists
Nobel Prize in Chemistry

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