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Chemistry of Hazardous Materials, 5th Edition Review

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Chemistry of Hazardous Materials, 5th Edition Cover

Chemistry of Hazardous Materials, 5th Edition by Prentice Hall and Brady Books as part of the MyFireKit Series of texts.

Prentice Hall/Brady Books

The Bottom Line

I enjoyed this book. The text is incredibly easy to read for a textbook. Usually, when reading textbooks, I feel like I am cramming for an exam. This book never felt like that. The chemistry concepts were clearly outlined but not comprehensive. The information is purposely kept focused on the core audience of the first responder. Concepts are presented as simple facts, without delving deeply into the theory behind the concept.

This book would also be a good addition to a laboratory reference shelf. The regulatory information in plain English alone makes it a useful tool for both students and professionals.
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  • Concepts are presented with real world examples.
  • Chemistry coverage is focused, consice and on topic.
  • Rules and regulations pertaining to Hazardous Materials are presented in plain English.
  • Companion materials available online through publisher's website.


  • Concepts can be too consice in places. Material is geared to the non-scientist.
  • Available only in Hardcover


  • Chemistry of Hazardous Materials, 5th Edition by Prentice Hall and Brady Books as part of the MyFireKit Series of texts.
  • 888 pages
  • Dimensions: 8" x 10"
  • Copyright 2010

Guide Review - Chemistry of Hazardous Materials, 5th Edition Review

This textbook is designed to introduce basic chemistry concepts to first responders and emergency personnel who deal with hazardous materials. It is important for the people who respond to situations where hazardous chemicals could be involved to have some knowledge of chemistry. This book recognizes that you can learn the concepts without delving deep into theories behind the concepts. This isn't saying the material is watered down. It presents the concepts and gives real world examples to clarify the concept.

This book also covers technical information specific for the audience. It outlines Federal rules and regulations surrounding potentially hazardous materials. The student will be exposed to Occupational Safety & Health Administration(OSHA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Global Harmonization System (GHS) and Department of Transportation guidelines. They will learn the different variables involved in fire, oxidation, chemical leaks and spills and how to not only clean them up, but also prevent the situation from worsening. Topics also include chemistry of explosives, radioactive materials, biological agents, and many common organic and inorganic chemicals.

The book also comes with an online resource though Brady Books. The online material includes lecture materials, example problem and testing support.
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