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Fake Blood Recipes

Easy Recipes for Fake Blood or Stage Blood


Make your own fake blood or stage blood. Here are recipes for realistic fake blood; blue, green or yellow fake blood, fake blood that glows in the dark, and even fake blood with guts.

Realistic Fake Blood

You can make realistic-looking blood from corn starch, food coloring and cocoa.
Stockbyte, Getty Images
If you want realistic fake blood, just mixing water and food coloring won't get you what you need. A few easy additions to the blood will give you blood with a realistic color that drips convincingly.

Blue or Green Fake Blood

You can make use this edible fake blue blood for insects, spiders, crustaceans, and maybe aliens.
Anne Helmenstine
Fake blood doesn't have to be red. Spiders, for example, have blue blood. Other creatures may have green or yellow blood. This recipe produces a nice colored blood for your nonhuman or perhaps inhuman needs.

Edible Blood Recipes

Fake blood (stage blood) is great for theatrical productions and Halloween.
Win Initiative, Getty Images
If you've got blood on your face, especially if it's dripping from your wicked fangs, shouldn't it taste good? Here are some edible fake blood recipes, including some that are fruit-flavored and chocolate-flavored. Yummy!

Glowing Blood Recipe

Non-toxic glow in the dark blood works for alien costumes or to add effect to any costume.
Anne Helmenstine
Aliens have glowing blood. I know this is true beccause I've watched Predator about fifty times. Here's how to make glowing blood. If glowing red blood is more to your taste, you can make that, too.

Blood and Guts Recipe

You can make fake blood and guts by covering fake flesh and organs with fake blood.
Anne Helmenstine
Sometimes you need more than blood. How about making some edible blood with guts or other organs? You can shape the organs to make the exact body part you need.

Glowing Blood Slime

This edible slime looks like blood and glows blue-white under a black light.
Anne Helmenstine
This is a slime that resembles gooey dripping blood. The best part? You can eat it! It also glows under a black light.

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