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Scientist Halloween Costume

How to Make a Kids Scientist Halloween Costume


You can make a science costume for Halloween. It's easy and inexpensive.

You can make a science costume for Halloween. It's easy and inexpensive. It's also way cool.

Anne Helmenstine
A scientist Halloween costume is not only very cool, but also easy to make and either free or else inexpensive.
  • To make a lab coat, cut a plain white cotton t-shirt or undershirt up the middle (they are knit so they won't unravel).

  • Glasses are always a nice science-y touch. Unless you really wear glasses, you may want to just set them low on your nose and look intelligent peering over them. Try reading glasses, sunglasses, wacky glasses, or safety goggles.

  • You can make a construction paper geeky bow tie, which can be attached to a shirt or 'lab coat' with a safety pin or paper clip.

  • Scientists may or may not wear bow ties, but they do use calculators. If your 'lab coat' has a pocket, stuff it full of pens and a calculator.

  • Use some styling mousse to give your hair that 'I'm too busy thinking science thoughts to comb my hair' look. You can spike your hair if you want more of an 'I've just been electrocuted' look. Zany colors work, too.

  • Print a lab safety symbol and attach it to the lab coat with a safety pin or even double-stick tape. The radioactive symbol is classic, but the biohazard symbol is also quite nice. Looking for something a bit more unusual? Try the ionizing radiation or chemical weapon symbol.

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