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Chemist Halloween Costume

How to Make a Chemist Halloween Costume


It's easy to make a chemist Halloween costume.

Chemists wear lab coats, tend to like bow ties, are often have wild hair.

Anne Helmenstine
It's easy to make a chemist costume. Here's how to make a chemist costume for Halloween or any costume party.

Chemist Costume Materials

  • lab coat - can be made by cutting a plain white t-shirt up the center with a pair of scissors

  • safety goggles, safety glasses, or eyeglasses - available at most dollar stores or you can borrow a pair of reading glasses or poke the lenses out of a pair of old sunglasses

  • glassware - can use leftovers from any science kit or may be able to scavenge a glass from the kitchen and label it as 'acid'

  • bow tie - can be made from construction paper

Other Chemist Costume Props

  • gloves

  • lab book

  • crazy hair

  • make-up to add that air of chemistry-related genius

  • anything involving dry ice

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