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Glowing Hands
Make your hands glow in the dark!

Make your hands glow in the dark! Coating your hands with either petroleum jelly or laundry detergent will make them glow bright blue under black light.

Anne Helmenstine
Give your hands or any other skin a ghostly blue glow! It's easy to do.

Glowing Hands - Method #1

Rub petroleum jelly on your hands. They will glow bright blue under a black light. This is a great way to make any skin glow, including skin on your face. Just be sure to avoid getting petroleum jelly in your eyes, since it will sting.

Glowing Hands - Method #2

Rub laundry detergent on your hands. They will glow very bright blue under a black light. It's not actually the detergent that makes your skin fluoresce, so you won't get the same effect from dishwashing detergent or most soaps. The brightening agent added to prevent clothes from appearing dull and gray is the active ingredient. Laundry detergent may irritate your skin, so you may wish to put on plastic gloves before coating your hands with the detergent. Rinse your hands under water when you are done, to remove the detergent.

Other Chemicals

Other chemicals also work. Irish Spring soap will give you a green glow, although it won't be as bright as the blue from the petroleum jelly or laundry soap. Tonic water will give you a pale blue glow. Some plastic gloves will glow bright blue under a black light. Yellow highlighter glows very bright yellow, but it will stain your skin.

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