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A black light is an ultraviolet lamp. It is called a 'black' light because the ultraviolet light is outside of the visible spectrum. When you shine a black light on some objects, they glow very brightly because they are fluorescent or phosphorescent. Here is a photo gallery of objects that glow under a black light.
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These cocktails glow under a black light because of safe fluorescent chemicals.Glowing DrinksYou can make a glowing fake neon sign using plastic tubing and a black light.Glowing Highlighter 'Neon' SignIrish Spring soap glows a bright greenish-blue under a black light.Glowing Irish Spring SoapThe Emperor Scorpion fluoresces blue-green under a black light.Emperor Scorpion Under Black Light
Urine fluoresces or glows when exposed to black or ultraviolet light.Urine Glow in Black LightPetroleum jelly, such as Vaseline, glows bright blue under a black light.Glowing Vaseline Under Black LightThis is a collection of fluorescent minerals, shown under ultraviolet light.Fluorescent MineralsThis phosphorescent bubble glows even more brightly when exposed to a black light.Glowing Bubble in Black Light
This radiation symbol is invisible in daylight, but glows brightly under a black light.Glowing Highlighter InkShining a black light on magic powerballs makes them glow brightly in vivid neon colors.Glowing Neon Plastic BallsGlow in the Dark PumpkinGlow in the Dark PumpkinMost laundry detergent glows bright blue under a black light.Glowing Laundry Detergent Under Black Light
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