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Glowing Ice Crystal Ball

Make a Crystal Ball


It's easy to make this glowing ice crystal ball.

Make this glowing ice crystal ball to foretell your future or to float in a punchbowl as a stunning decoration.

Anne Helmenstine
This glowing crystal ball is easy to make, plus the light is sealed so you can float the glowing crystal ball in a punch bowl or use it as a safe decoration anywhere you might like glowing ice. Here's what you do:

Glowing Ice Ball Materials

This is a glowie that has been sealed and frozen inside a water balloon.

  • LED (light emitting diode)
  • small 3-volt battery
  • wax, tape, or a small plastic baggie or another balloon
  • small balloon (7-9" diameter balloon works well)
Make the Glowing Ice Crystal Ball
  1. Make a glowie by inserting the battery between the prongs of the LED with the long LED connector on the flat (+) side of the battery.

  2. Seal the glowie. I wrapped the connectors with tape and placed the LED glowie in a small plastic baggie, but you could dip the glowie in melted wax. If you choose to wrap the connection with tape, but not enclose the LED in a baggie, make sure the tape is non-toxic (if you're using this project for food/drink) and that you have a really good seal around the battery. If there isn't a good seal you'll short out your glowie and get nasty corrosion products in the water.

  3. Place the sealed glowie inside a balloon. If you didn't wrap the ends of the LED well, you'll probably puncture the balloon, so be careful about that.

  4. Fill the balloon with water until it is the desired size for your crystal ball.

  5. Place the water balloon in the freezer and freeze it.

  6. When you're ready to use the glowing ice sphere, cut away the balloon. I do not know exactly how long you've got before the battery charge is expended, but I left one in my freezer for a day and it was still glowing when I removed it. My recommendation would be to allow 6 hours for the crystal ball to freeze and then to use it sometime that day.
Watch a YouTube video of this project to see how to perform it and what to expect.
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