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Glow in the Dark Projects

Make glowing slime, geodes, ink and other glow in the dark projects. Find out what glows under a black light. Perform chemical reactions that produce luminescence.

Glowing Drinks - Recipes and Ideas
Have you seen drinks that glow in the dark? Share your idea for a glowing drink or read glowing drink ideas submitted by others.

Black Light Projects
There are a lot of interesting science projects you can try in which you make things glow in the dark using a black light or ultraviolet lamp. Here are some fun glowing projects to try.

Glowing Water Video
This glowing water video shows you two ways to make water glow. One is suitable for making glowing fountains or other decorations while the other can be used to make glow-in-the-dark drinks.

Glowing Hands
Make your hands or other skin glow in the dark!

Fake Neon Sign
Do you love the look of neon signs, but want an inexpensive alternative that you can customize to say whatever you want? You can make a fake neon sign using fluorescence to make inexpensive common materials glow.

Candy Triboluminescence
Wintergreen Lifesavers aren't the only candies that can make a spark in the dark. Take an in-depth look at the mechanism behind this special chemiluminescence caused by friction.

Barking Dog Reaction
The Barking Dog chemistry demonstration is based on an exothermic reaction between nitrous or nitric oxide and carbon disulfide. Ignition of the mixture results in a bright blue chemiluminescent flash accompanied by a characteristic barking sound.

Black Light Photo Gallery
A black light is an ultraviolet lamp. It is called a 'black' light because the ultraviolet light is outside of the visible spectrum. When you shine a black light on some objects, they glow very brightly because they are fluorescent or phosphorescent. Here is a photo gallery of objects that glow under a black light.

Duck Tape Triboluminescence
You can use duck tape to see an example of triboluminescence, the glow given off when some materials are subjected to mechanical stress or friction. The duck tape triboluminescence project is extremely easy and only take a few seconds to try.

Glow in the Dark Alum Crystals
Alum crystals are among the quickest, easiest, and most reliable crystals you can grow. Did you know you can make them glow in the dark by adding a common household ingredient to the crystal growing solution?

Glow in the Dark Crystal Geode
It's very easy to make a glow in the dark crystal geode. The rock is a natural mineral (eggshell). You can use one of several common household chemicals to grow the crystals. The glow comes from phosphorescent paint, which you can get from a craft store.

Glow in the Dark Crystal Snowflake
Learn how to make a glow-in-the-dark crystal snowflake or other glowing holiday ornament. This is a safe and easy project that's great for kids and kids-at-heart. The crystal decorations are light-weight and inexpensive to make.

Glow in the Dark Ice
Learn how to make ice cubes that will glow in the dark when exposed to a black light. The glowing ice is easy to make and safe to use in drinks.

Glow in the Dark Ink
These are instructions for making glow in the dark ink. However, the instructions are presented as a curiosity or for information only, NOT for use.

Glow in the Dark Mentos & Tonic Water Fountain
It's easy to make a mentos and soda eruption glow. All you need to do is use tonic water or diet tonic water instead of the usual diet soda and shine a black light on the fountain.

Glow in the Dark Mountain Dew
All it takes is a few easily-obtained materials to turn a bottle of Mountain Dew into a glow in the dark bottle of Mountain Dew.

Glow in the Dark Pumpkin
You can make a glow in the dark pumpkin with a jack-o-lantern face using a common non-toxic chemical. The jack-o-lantern doesn't require carving or fire, shines in rain or wind, and lasts as long as your pumpkin. Plus, the glowing pumpkin looks really spooky!

Glow in the Dark Slime
What is better than regular slime? Slime that glows in the dark, of course! This is an easy and fun project that is suitable for kids.

Decorative Glow Stick Lanterns
Got a glow stick? Use it to make a bright and colorful decorative lantern to use around your home. This is a fun and easy glow in the dark project that anyone can do.

Glowing Flower
Use chemistry to make a real flower glow in the dark.

Glowing Bubbles
Bubbles are already awesome, but glowing bubbles are even better. It is easy and safe to make bubbles glow, plus it doesn't require any hard-to-find materials. Here is what you do.

Glowing Hand of Doom Punch
Glowing Hand of Doom punch is a great punch for Halloween parties or mad scientist parties. Here's how to make a glowing hand rise from the punch, which is bubbling and producing fog.

Glowing Ice Crystal Ball
This glowing crystal ball is easy to make, plus the light is sealed so you can float the glowing crystal ball in a punch bowl or use it as a safe decoration anywhere you might like glowing ice.

Glowing Ice Sphere
There are a few different ways you can make a non-toxic glowing ice sphere. You can even make a glowing crystal ball that you can float in a bowl of punch to drink.

Glowing Jell-O Recipe
It's incredibly easy to make Jell-O or other gelatin glow under a black light. Here's what you do.

Glowing Printer Ink
Learn how to make homemade glowing printer ink that you can use to print glowing pictures, iron-on transfers, posters, and more.

Glowing Water
It's really easy to make glowing water that you can use as glowing water or as a glowing ingredient in other water-based projects.

How Do Lightsticks Work?
Find out how lightsticks or glowsticks work. Learn about the chemistry behind the process and get on-line purchase information. This article also explains how to make glow sticks last longer or become brighter!

Laundry Detergent Glowing Skull
If you have laundry detergent, you can make a glow-in-the dark skull that you can put on your sidewalk or window that will be invisible during the day but will glow at night. Here's how you do it.

Light Stick Colors
This article lists some of the fluorophors that are used to give light sticks different colors. The oxalate chemiluminescent reactions are introduced.

Luminol Chemiluminescence Test for Blood
You can use the luminol chemiluminescence reaction as a quick and easy forensic test for blood. Here's a look at what you need to perform the test, how to do it, and an explanation of how the luminol test works.

Radioactive-Looking Slime
The slime you might find in a real Mad Scientist's lab would probably be the result of some horrible genetic mutation. You can make slime that looks radioactive and toxic, yet is actually easy to make and safe. Here's how you do it.

What Materials Glow Under a Black or Ultraviolet Light?
Black lights emit ultraviolet radiation, giving certain materials an eerie glow. Which materials? You can do a little experimental research or you can check out this list!

Smoking Fingers Trick
Make your fingers smoke when you rub them together and glow in the dark. All you need is a matchbox and a way to burn the striker portion.

What Is a Black Light?
Have you ever wondered what a black light is? Did you know there are different types of black lights? Here's a look at what black lights are and how you can find and use a black light.

What Glows Under Black Light - Video
A black light is fun for more than making retro posters glow! See examples of common materials that glow or fluoresce under a black light.

Things That Glow Under Black Light
Have you ever noticed many common materials glow in the dark under a black light or ultraviolet lamp. Read about things that glow under a black light or offer ideas for materials you have seen glow in the dark.

What Glows in the Dark? - Reader Answers
Things that glow in the dark are totally cool! Check out what glows in the dark or add your own idea for stuff that glows.

Edible Glowing Blood Slime
This is a non-sticky slime that looks like dripping blood. It's edible and it glows under a black light.

A Day Away Bioluminescent Kayak Tours
If you've ever wanted to see and touch bioluminescence, make your way to Florida for A Day Away's kayak tours. Here's a look at the tours and my experience with them.

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