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Gemstone List

List of Precious and Semiprecious Gemstones


Rubies are red corundum.

Rubies are red corundum.

Brian Kell

This list of gemstones includes the mineral names (in parentheses) of the gemstones as well as links to photos of the gems.

Agate (Chalcedony)
   red-banded agate that is also known as sard or sardonyx

Alexandrite (Chrysoberyl)
   faceted alexandrite displaying the color change effect

Amber (Amber)
   amber specimen
   unpolished amber with insect
   another specimen of amber containing an insect
   amber fluorescence

Amethyst (Quartz)
   amethyst crystals
   rough specimen
   amethyst geode

Ametrine (Quartz)
   faceted ametrine

Apatite (Apatite)
   apatite crystals

Aquamarine (Beryl)
   faceted aquamarine

Aventurine (Chalcedony)
   polished aventurine nugget

   azurite crystals
   azurite geode

Benitoite (Benitoite)
   benitoite crystals in their matrix

Beryl (Beryl)
   electron micrograph of hexagonal beryl crystal

Bloodstone (Chalcedony)
   polished bloodstone nugget

Carnelian (Chalcedony)
   carnelian specimen


Chrome Diopside (Diopside)

Chrysoberyl (Chrysoberyl)
   faceted chrysoberyl
   cymophane or catseye chrysoberyl

Chrysoprase (Chalcedony)

   polished chrysocolla nugget

Citrine (Quartz)
   faceted citrine

Diamond (Diamond)
   rough octohedral diamond crystal
   cut diamonds

Emerald (Beryl)
   858-carat Galacha Emerald
   uncut emerald crystal
   uncut Colombian emerald crystals

   blue fluorite crystals
   reddish-orange fluorite crystals


Garnet (Almandine, Andratite, Grossularite, Pyrope, Spessartine, Uvarovite)
   garnet crystals with quartz
   faceted garnet

Heliodore (Beryl)
   heliodore crystal

Heliotrope (Chalcedony)
   polished heliotrope

   rough hematite specimen

Hessonite (Grossularite)

Hiddenite (Spodumene)
   hiddenite from Hiddenite, NC

Iolite (Cordierite)
   faceted iolite

Jade (Jadeite or Nephrite)

Jasper (Chalcedony)
   polished orbicular jasper

Kunzite (Spodumene)

   kyanite crystals


Lapis Lazuli (Lazurite)

Malachite (Malachite)
   polished malachite nugget

Moonstone (Albite, Microcline Feldspar, Orthoclase, Plagioclase)

Morganite (Beryl)
   uncut morganite crystal

Onyx (Chalcedony)

Opal (Opal)
   rough opal from Nevada
   massive opal from Queensland, Australia
   polished Australian opal
   veins of opal in iron-rich rock

   black pearl and the mollusk shell
   round white pearls

Peridot (Olivine)
   rough peridot

Quartz (Quartz)
   quartz crystals
   smoky quartz crystals

Rhodochrosite (Rhodochrosite)

Rhodolite (Almandine-Pyrope Garnet)

Rock Crystal (Quartz)
   quartz crystals

Rose Quartz (Quartz)
   rough rose quartz

Ruby (Corundum)
   faceted ruby
   rough ruby

Sapphire (Corundum)
   faceted sapphire with diamonds
   star sapphire
   Star of India

Sard (Chalcedony)
   red-banded agate that is also known as sard or sardonyx

   red-banded agate that is also known as sard or sardonyx

Sinhalite (Sinhalite)

Sodalite (Sodalite)
   rough sodalite specimen

Spinel (Spinel)
   spinel crystals

Sugilite (Sugilite)
   polished sugilite nugget

Sunstone (Oligoclase Feldspar)
   polished sunstone nugget


Tanzanite (Zoisite)
   faceted tanzanite

Titanite (Sphene)

Topaz (Topaz)
   topaz crystals
   red topaz crystal
   colorless topaz crystal point

Tourmaline (Tourmaline)
   tri-color tourmaline crystals with quartz
   Emerald Cut Green Tourmaline

Tsavorite (Grossularite)

Turquoise (Turquoise)
   polished turquoise nugget

Zircon (Zircon)

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