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Learn or teach chemistry. Find lecture notes, laboratory experiments, homework help, and other chemistry essentials. Get help finding a job and building a career in chemistry.
  1. What Is Chemistry?
  2. General Chemistry Topics
  3. Essential Chemistry Resources
  4. Branches of Chemistry
  5. Chemistry Lab Basics
  6. Chemistry Career Basics
  1. Quiz Yourself
  2. Chemistry & Chem Engineering Humor
  3. Chemistry Help Videos
  4. Homeschool Chemistry Resources
  5. Scientific Method

What Is Chemistry?


Learn or teach general and introductory chemistry, with the aid of worked example problems, lecture notes, lab exercises, and quizzes.

General Chemistry Topics

Pipets are used to measure and transfer small volumes.

Focus your learning on specific general chemistry topics.

Essential Chemistry Resources

Sometimes it helps to refer to a worked example problem.

Look up element facts, see chemical structures, get definitions, and browse chemistry charts and tables.

Branches of Chemistry


Learn the essentials of biochemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, and many other branches of the science that is chemistry.

Chemistry Lab Basics

Don't touch chemicals labeled with the corrosive symbol!

Find out how to be safe in the chemistry lab. Make the most of your lab experience. Get help passing a lab course, find projects, and learn about chemical hazards.

Chemistry Career Basics

There are many exciting careers in chemistry.

Get an education in chemistry or chemical engineering and use this collection of resources to develop your career.

Quiz Yourself

Student Studying

One of the best ways to check your understanding of chemistry concepts is to quiz yourself. Don't worry, you don't have a grade riding on these quizzes! They are fun and educational.

Chemistry & Chem Engineering Humor

Mad scientists find humor in the strangest places.

Much of science and engineering is very funny (at least to scientists and engineers). Find chemistry, element and engineering jokes, riddles and humor or add your own jokes.

Chemistry Help Videos

This is a flask of aqua liquid.

See examples of how to work chemistry problems or balance equations. These videos explain chemistry concepts in terms you can see.

Homeschool Chemistry Resources

You can do safe science in the comfort of your own kitchen.

If you're teaching or learning chemistry at home you've got lots of great options for chemistry concepts that can be reinforced with safe and easy chemistry experiments. Here are some homeschool chemistry resources to get you started.

Scientific Method

Student science fair projects can make a difference.

 The scientific method is a systematic approach to understanding the world around us, including the world of chemistry. Learn about the steps of the scientific method and how to conduct and analyze an experiment.

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