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Chemical Reactions

Review Chemistry for the GED


A chemical reaction describes the steps leading to a chemical change.

A chemical reaction describes the steps leading to a chemical change.

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A chemical reaction is the process that occurs when two or more substances combine to produce a chemical change. The important terms to remember are:


  • chemical equation - name given to the shorthand used to describe the steps of a chemical reaction


  • reactants - the starting materials for a chemical reaction; the substances that combine in the reaction


  • products - the substances that are formed as a result of a chemical reaction


  • chemical reaction rate - the speed at which a chemical reaction occurs


  • activation energy - the external energy that has to be added in order for a chemical reaction to occcur


  • catalyst - a substance that helps a chemical reaction to occur (lowers the activation energy), but does not participate in the reaction itself


  • Law of Conservation of Mass - this Law states that matter is neither created nor destroyed in a chemical reaction. The number of reactant atoms of a chemical reaction will be the same as the number of product atoms.


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