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Element & Periodic Table Quizzes

Popular Element and Periodic Table Quizzes


Quizzes about the elements and periodic table are extremely popular. Here are some of the top chemistry quizzes that test your familiarity with the elements and understanding of the periodic table.

Element Picture Quiz

Mario Sarto, wikipedia.org
Can you identify elements according to how they look? This quiz tests your ability to recognize pure elements by sight.

First 20 Element Symbols Quiz

A helium filled discharge tube shaped like the element's atomic symbol.
pslawinski, metal-halide.net
Do you know the symbols for the first 20 elements in the periodic table? I'll give you the name of the element. You choose the correct element symbol.

Element Group Quiz

Chunk of 99.97% pure iron.
Wikipedia Commons
This is a 10-question multiple choice quiz that tests whether you can identify an element's group in the periodic table.

Element Atomic Number Quiz

Atoms are the building blocks of matter.
Flatliner, Getty Images
Much of chemistry involves understanding concepts, but there are some facts worth memorizing. For example, students may be expected to know the atomic numbers of the elements, since they will spend a lot of time working with them. This 10-question multiple point quiz tests how well you know the atomic number of the first few elements of the periodic table.

Periodic Table Quiz

The periodic table is one way to organize the elements.
Lawrence Lawry, Getty Images
This 10-question multiple choice quiz focuses on how well you understand the organization of the periodic table and how it can be used to predict trends in element properties.

Periodic Table Trends Quiz

This is a closeup of the periodic table of the elements, in blue.
Don Farrall, Getty Images
One of the points of having a periodic table is that you can use the trends in element properties to predict how an element will behave based on its position in the table. This multiple choice quiz tests whether you know what the trends are in the periodic table.

Element Color Quiz

Piece of native copper measuring ~1½ inches (4 cm) in diameter.
Jon Zander
Most elements are metals, so they are silvery, metallic, and difficult to tell apart on sight alone. However, some colors have distinctive colors. Can you recognize them?

How To Use a Periodic Table Quiz

The periodic table organizes the chemical elements in a useful format.
Alfred Pasieka, Getty Images

See how well you know your way around this periodic table quiz, which tests your ability to find elements, their symbols, atomic weights, and element groups.

Element Names Spelling Quiz

Are you taking chemistry? A little strategy can help you pass chemistry class with flying colors.
Sean Justice, Getty Images
Chemistry is one of those disciplines where spelling counts for something. This is especially true with the element symbols (C is quite a lot different from Ca), but also matters with respect to element names. Take this quiz to find out whether you know how to spell commonly mis-spelled element names.

Real or Fake Elements Quiz

Gaseous krypton is colorless, while solid krypton is white.
pslawinski, wikipedia.org
Do you know the element names well enough to tell the difference between the name of a real element and one that is either made up or else is a compound? Here's your chance to find out.

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