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Free Online Chemistry Courses

Find a free online chemistry course or class. This is a list of free chemistry courses that you can read online or download to study later.

Free Online Chemistry Text
This is an overview of general or introductory chemistry concepts at the high school or first year college level.

AP Chemistry Online
Learn about the chemistry topics that are covered by the AP exam. Chemistry concepts are hyperlinked from the AP syllabus.

11th Grade Chemistry
This is a syllabus for 11th grade chemistry that is linked to tutorials for the various chemistry concepts and worked problems.

Chemistry 101 Online
A wide selection of chemistry 101 topics are explained, with links to online resources including a periodic table and chemistry glossary.

Online Web Chemistry Practicals and Courses
From the University of Oxford. This is a list of older tutorials. Topics include inorganic solids, complex ions, VSEPR, nickel chemistry, superconductors, modeling organics and molecular symmetry.

Basic online overview of atoms, elements, the periodic table and chemical reactions.

Chemistry for Biology
From the University of Arizona. This is chemistry for biology. Topics include basic chemistry, chemical bonds, chemistry of water and introduction to organic molecules.

Analytical Chemistry
University of Akron. Each lecture is presented as a pdf file. Topics include gravimetry, titrimetry, complexes, electrochemistry, potentiometry, coulometry, voltammetry, spectrophotometry, chromatography and more.

ChemTeam: High School Chemistry
This is a selection of online high school chemistry tutorials, presented in outline form or as lecture notes. Topics include atomic structure, bonding, chemical equations, equilibrium, nomenclature, thermochemistry, solutions, redox reactions, and more.

Surface Chemistry
Online chemistry topics include the structure of solid surfaces, adsorption, Langmuir isotherm, UHV and pressure, surface analysis, overlayers and diffraction, and imaging and depth profiling.

Marine Chemistry Online
Stanford University. Two courses are available: Biological Oceanography and Marine Chemistry. The online lectures are presented in pdf format.

Thermodynamics and Kinetics
MIT. This is a collection of lecture notes relating to physical chemistry and thermodynamics. Video lectures are also available.

Chem Eng: Design and Analysis
This is a set of lecture notes for design and analysis. Online chemical engineering topics include the design process, process creation, heuristics, constrained optimization, azeotropic distillation, HEN synthesis, heat and power integration, HAZOP, HAZAN and more.

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