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Glowing and Flaming Cocktails

Easy and Safe Exotic Drinks


These drinks flame and glow in the dark.

These drinks flame and glow in the dark. The fire is from igniting 151 rum on the surface of the drink. The glow comes from safe fluorescent chemicals in the cocktails.

Anne Helmenstine These cocktails glow in the dark due to the presence of fluorescent chemical compounds.

These cocktails glow in the dark due to the presence of fluorescent chemical compounds. Tonic water, vitamins and chlorophyll are glowing chemicals you can drink.

Anne Helmenstine

These drink recipes are for easy glowing and flaming cocktails. The cocktails get their effect from safe chemicals found in ingredients you'll find in your kitchen or bar.

Glowing Cocktails

Glowing cocktails don't glow on their own unless you're using safe glowing ice, but several foods and drinks glow or fluoresce brightly under a black light. Here are some ingredients you can use in a glowing cocktail and the color of the light you can expect.
  • tonic water (containing quinine) - bright blue
  • energy drinks containing B vitamins - bright fluorescent yellow or sometimes green
  • crushed B vitamins - yellow glow
  • chlorophyll - deep blood red glow
Keep in mind, you can't necessarily mix glowing chemicals to get an intermediate color. For example, mixing tonic water with an energy drink probably will give you a glowing blue drink rather than a glowing green drink. Experiment and see what you can get.

Colored Flames

Ethanol (the alcohol you can drink) burns with a blue, nearly invisible flame. You can brighten the flame by adding a tiny amount of salt to produce a yellow flame. Lite salt or potassium chloride will add a subtle violet color to the flame. Flaming drinks served in copper cups sometimes burn green.

Flaming Cocktails

You can make any drink into a flaming drink. All you need to do is top the drink with a high proof alcohol, such as 151 rum, and ignite this top layer.

See a video of the flaming and glowing cocktails.

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