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Sugar Crystals & Rock Candy Pictures


Do you know what rock candy looks like? See rock candy and other images of sugar crystals including a micrograph of a sucrose crystal.
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Sucrose or SaccharoseSucroseMolecular structure of saccharose or sucrose, also known as table sugar.SaccharoseSucrose or sugar crystal magnified by a microscope.Sucrose Crystals
This is a photo of magnified crystals of sucrose, or table sugar.Sugar Crystals - SucroseYou can make rock candy any color or flavor you like.Multicolored Rock Candy SticksThe sugar crystals of homemade rock candy tend to be relatively small.Homemade Blue Sugar CrystalsRock candy consists of sugar crystals.Blue and Green Rock Candy
If you crystallize raw sugar or brown sugar you will get rock candy that is golden or brown.Brown Sugar Rock CandySugar CubeSugar CubeSugar cubes are pre-measured blocks of sucrose.Sugar CubesThis rock candy is shaped like cubes.Rock Candy

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