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Get information about fluorine and find fluorine science projects.

Fluorine Facts
Get periodic table facts on the chemical and physical properties of the element fluorine.

How to Remove Fluoride from Drinking Water
Learn how to remove fluoride from drinking water.

How Fluoride Works
Fluoride is the fluorine ion added to toothpaste and dental rinse to help protect your teeth from cavities. Here's how fluoride works.

Sulfur Hexafluoride Demonstrations
Sulfur hexafluoride is a non-toxic, invisible gas that you can use to perform interesting chemistry demonstrations. Breathe it in and make your voice much deeper when you talk. Pour it into a container and float an airplane or a ship on 'nothing'.

What Is Fluoride?
Are you confused about the difference between fluoride and fluorine or simply want to know what fluoride is? Here's the answer to this common chemistry question.

Fluorine Facts Quiz
How much do you know about the element fluorine? Here's a ten question quiz you can take to test your knowledge of fluorine facts.

Atomic Number 9
Learn about the element that is atomic number 9 on the periodic table.

Fluorine Atom
This diagram shows the electron shell of a fluorine atom.

Fluorine Photograph
Pure fluorine is a corrosive pale yellowish brown gas.

Fluorine Simulant Photograph
This photograph shows what a vial of fluorine would look like.

Where Is Fluorine Found On The Periodic Table?
This shows where fluorine appears on the periodic table of the elements.

What Is the Most Electronegative Element?
Electronegativity is one measure of an element's ability to form chemical bonds. Here is a look at the most electronegative element and an explanation for why it has such high electronegativity.

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