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Homemade Fireworks Projects

Fun Fireworks Projects to Make Fireworks Yourself


Have you ever wanted to make your own fireworks? These are instructions for fireworks projects so you can make your own homemade fireworks.

Make Homemade Firecrackers

Homemade firecrackers
Isabel Pavia/Moment Open/Getty Images
It's easy and inexpensive to make firecrackers yourself. This is a great pyrotechnics project, perfect for do-it-yourself types or persons who can't find firecrackers where they live.

Make a Homemade Sparkler

Sparklers are a type of firework that produces a shower of glittery sparks, but does not explode.
Simon Battensby, Getty Images
Sparklers are small hand-held fireworks that don't explode. They are among the safest and easiest fireworks to make yourself.

Make a Smoke Bomb

This homemade smoke bomb is easy to make and only requires two ingredients.
Anne Helmenstine
A smoke bomb is a simple pyrotechnic device that you can make in your kitchen. You only need two ingredients to make a ton of smoke. You can follow the written instructions or the step-by-step video tutorial. There is also a recipe for a non-cook smoke bomb that works the same, but doesn't require heating of the smoke bomb ingredients.

Make Black Snakes or Glow Worms

Black snakes or glow worms are a basic non-explosive type of firework.
Anne Helmenstine
Black snakes are another type of firework that doesn't explode. Once you light these pyrotechnic devices they push out columns of black 'snakes'. This is an easy and safe fireworks project.

Homemade Fountain Firework

You can make a fountain firework using the homemade smoke bomb recipe.
Anne Helmenstine
You can adapt the homemade smoke bomb recipe to make a long-lasting fountain firework that shoots purple flames, plus a lot of smoke.

Waterfall Firework

This example of a waterfall firework is from Riverfest in Cincinnati, OH.
Lanskeith17, public domain
A waterfall firework emits a cascade of sparks, sort of like if water was on fire! This non-exploding firework is simple to make, yet produces dramatic results.

Make a Homemade Fireworks Fuse

This is an example of a finished homemade fireworks fuse.
Anne Helmenstine
Fuses are handy to have around for firecrackers and smoke bombs. These fuses use common household materials.

Colored Smoke Recipes

Colored smoke bombs work by dispersing dye into the air.
Anne Helmenstine
It's as easy to make colored smoke as it is a normal smoke bomb. The trick is to find the right colorant.

Homemade Roman Candle

This is a typical commercial Roman candle firework.
Warfieldian, Creative Commons License
A Roman candle is a classic firework that shoots one or more balls of fire into the sky. You can customize this firework so that each star is a different color or displays a different effect. This is a slightly more advanced project, so give it a try after you are comfortable with smoke bombs, fountains and sparklers.

How to Light Fireworks Safely

Anne Helmenstine
Once you make homemade fireworks, your next step is lighting them. Here's how to light them safely!
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