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Make Your Own Fireworks & Pyrotechnics

Learn how to make your own fireworks and pyrotechnic devices (safely).

Fireworks Projects
Have you ever wanted to make your own fireworks? These are instructions for fireworks projects so you can make your own homemade fireworks.

Firecracker How To - Make Homemade Firecrackers
Firecrackers are extremely easy and inexpensive to make yourself. Learn how to make homemade firecrackers and how to light them safely.

Smoke Bomb Instructions
You can easily make a smoke bomb using inexpensive materials to produce safe smoke.

How to Light Fireworks Safely
Here are some tips to help you light your fireworks safely.

Smoke Bomb Recipes
Smoke bombs are easy and fun to make and light. There are several types of smoke bombs you can make, plus you can use the smoke bomb recipe as a starting point for other types of pyrotechnic devices. Try these recipes for making your own smoke bombs.

Black Snakes or Glow Worms
You can make black snake or glow worm fireworks yourself, safely and easily.

Sparkler Instructions
Learn how to make your own sparklers, for Independence Day or New Years Day fun. Use your understanding of chemistry to color the sparks.

Stink Bomb Recipes
Stink bombs smell terrible, but they are also fun. Here are instructions for how to use everyday materials to make your own stink bombs.

Safe Smoke Bomb Instructions
A classic smoke bomb is easy to make and safe to use, but you can make the project even safer if you don't heat the ingredients. Here's what you do.

Classic Chemical Volcano
Here are the instructions for making the classic chemical volcano. This demonstration uses ammonium dichromate to produce 'Vesuvius fire', with glowing sparks and a cone of deep green ash.

Colored Fire Spray Bottles
You can spritz a flame with chemicals to change the color of the fire. Colored fire spray bottles are easy to prepare and use common chemicals.

Colored Fireworks Rainbow Demonstration
Make a colored fireworks rainbow. Burn the same chemicals used to color fireworks, in a row to produce a rainbow effect.

Colored Smoke Recipes
Colored smoke is easy to make and requires few ingredients. Here's a list of some colored smoke formulations to try.

Fireball Instructions
If you can find a tee shirt and some lighter fluid, you can make small fireballs. These fireballs are re-useable. Theoretically, you can hold them in your hand.

Fireworks Fuse
If you're making your own fireworks, you might want to try making your own fireworks fuses, too. This is an easy beginner project that uses common household materials.

Green Fire Instructions
It's easy to make brilliant green fire. This cool chemistry project only takes two household chemicals.

Match Rockets
A match rocket is an extremely simple rocket to construct and launch. The match rocket illustrates many rocketry principles, including basic jet propulsion and Newton's laws of motion. Match rockets fly several meters, in a burst of heat and flame.

Smoke Bomb Video Tutorial
Smoke bombs are the easiest and safest do-it-yourself firework project. You only need two inexpensive, non-toxic ingredients and it only takes minutes to make. Watch and learn how you can cook up a smoke bomb at home.

Pharaoh's Snake Firework
Pharaoh's snake or Pharaoh's serpent is a small firework that produces a growing snake of ash when it is ignited. Here's how you can make Pharaoh's snake yourself for a firework or a chemistry pyrotechnic demonstration.

How To Color Fire
Have you ever wanted to color fire? Here are simple, nontechnical instructions for making your own colored flames. Add extra interest to your fireplace or campfire!

Ammonium Nitrate Synthesis
You can make ammonium nitrate from common household chemicals. The ammonium nitrate may be used to make pyrotechnics or cold packs or to perform other interesting demonstrations.

How to Make Black Powder or Gunpowder
Black powder is used in fireworks and pyrotechnics. It's easy to get, but if you are a real do-it-yourself type, here is how to make it.

Waterfall Firework
A waterfall firework produces a long-lasting shower of glittering sparks, like a fiery waterfall. Here are instructions for making a waterfall firework yourself.

How To Make a Roman Candle
A Roman candle is a relatively simple firework that shoots fireballs into the air. Here are instructions for how to make a homemade Roman candle.

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