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James Dewar Biography


James Dewar (1842 - 1923)

James Dewar (1842 - 1923)

Liquid Air and the Liquefaction of Gases/T. O’Connor Sloane,1900

James Dewar:

James Dewar was a Scottish physicist and chemist.


September 20, 1842 in Kincardine-on-Forth, Scotland


March 27, 1923 in London, England

Claim to Fame:

Dewer was a Scottish physicist and chemist who is best known for the invention of the Dewer flask. Dewer flasks are double walled and contain a vacuum between the walls to maintain the temperature of the liquid in the flask. They would eventually be marketed under the trade name 'thermos'. He made several advances in the study of low temperatures and created a device to produce liquid oxygen.

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