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Heinz Ludwig Fraenkel-Conrat Bio


Heinz Ludwig Fraenkel-Conrat (1910 - 1999)

Heinz Ludwig Fraenkel-Conrat (1910 - 1999)

U.S. National Library of Medicine

Heinz Ludwig Fraenkel-Conrat:

Heinz Ludwig Fraenkel-Conrat was a German-American biochemist.


July 29, 1910 in Breslau, Germany


April 10, 1999 in Oakland, California

Claim to Fame:

Fraenkel-Conrat was a German-American biochemist who discovered the complementary roles of the component structures of viruses. He found viruses were built of a core or ribonucleic acid (RNA) wrapped in a protein coat. He removed the nucleic acid component of the tobacco mosaic virus from its noninfectious protein part. Then he recombined the molecules and the virus became infectious again showing the infectious part of a virus resides in the nucleic acid portion of the virus.

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